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Delivering Education And Training Essay

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Unit 402 – Task A – Lenka Rowsell

Delivering education and training
In my role as a maths tutor I use different teaching and learning approaches which I believe are effective in meeting the individual needs of my leaners. I’ll structure the different activities and approaches over the course of my lessons. For example:
The beginning: Staring with an introduction to the lessons aims and objectives, followed by a starter activity such as a recap or a quiz – this encourages communication to take place plus can be used to test knowledge gained so far.
The middle: I use a variety of approaches such as discussions, group work, ...view middle of the document...

The following examples show how I believe each method can both benefit and limit my own learners based on their individual needs.
VERBAL | Face to face discussion. Q&A sessions | Able to question and clarify understanding. Can gauge a learners understanding by their body language as well as verbal responses | May be nervous to answer in front of others. Unless recorded cannot be used for future reference |
NON-VERBAL | Eye contact. Nodding to affirm understanding | Provides reassurance to learner, encouraging, used to convey a positive message to learners | May be misunderstood, learner may think the nodding is for them to hurry up and become flustered. |
WRITTEN | Presentations | Information up for all to read/take notes if wish to. Can be used as a resource for learners if put onto moodle | May have too much information for some learners to take in at once. Learners may not enjoy that kind of learning and disengage. |
TECHNOLOGY | Interactive online programmes such as Mymaths | Learners can work at own pace and level. Learners can choose what to revise | Learners may not have internet access. Learners may become distracted by other sites like Facebook/YouTube |

It is also important to communicate with other learning professionals to ensure that I am meeting the individual needs of the learners and regarding their progression. I’ll speak to colleagues, teaching assistants, specialist learning support staff, Helpzone staff and internal verifiers.
My communication will be in written form such as emails as well as face to face discussions. By doing this I am ensuring the best for my learners whether that’s by having support in place if required to ensuring the learners are aware of what opportunities are available such as progression to higher levels or other courses. I’ll communicate with internal verifiers to ensure any assessment marking I have done has been done in a correct and fair scoring manner.
The minimum core elements of literacy, language, numeracy and ICT are clearly demonstrated in the delivery of my teaching in the following ways:
Literacy: I have schemes of work and lesson plans detailing each lesson. I check my hand-outs, worksheets and PowerPoint presentations for their spelling, grammar and ensure they are...

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