Delta Hotels & Resorts Sustainable Management

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What once was a single 62-room motor inn in Richmond British Columbia, has grown to become Canada’s leading hotel management company with more than 40 city-centre, airport and resort properties (About Delta Hotels, 2015). One of the reasons that Delta Hotels and Resorts has been able to grow into a Canadian hotel management success story is due to their commitment towards environmental sustainability that touches on every aspect of the hotel business.

Delta Greens

In 2010 the hotel chain introduced Delta Greens, an initiative that promised to reduce the waste the company creates, the energy that they use, and a promise to rethink everything Delta does to create positive, long-term ...view middle of the document...

While the hotel chain continues to drive improvements through their own actions, they allow guest to support their pursuit of sustainability by choosing the option of “GreenSTAY”, each time they check-in to a Delta Hotel or Resort. The initiative allows guests the option to minimize the impacts of their hotel stay by declining housekeeping services during two-night stays, or longer. When guests choose to have a GreenSTAY, they can reduce the amount of room cleaning plus support a Canadian forest restoration project by having a tree planted in their name for every day they skip the complementary services.

The goal of this initiative is to have 30,000 trees planted by the end of 2015. Delta Hotels and Resorts projects that this initiative will result in approximately 2 million square feet or 46 acres of new forest (Delta Greens - GreenSTAY, 2015). Delta Hotels and Resorts have partnered with The Carbon Farmer in this reforestation initiative, an organization dedicated to forest restoration in Canada on sites that were previously destroyed or degraded. I find this initiative to be extremely beneficial because it involves the guests in the process and it allows them to feel like they are making a difference.

By opting to decline housekeeping services, guests will help limit the amount of chemicals, water and energy consumed by the hotel each night. Daily energy and water savings per room (room cleaning + laundry) include:

* Energy 21 ekWh
* Water 176 L
* Chemicals/Detergent 0.25 L
(The Carbon Farmers – Our Customer, 2015)

Throughout the first months of the GreenSTAY initiative, DH&R and The Carbon Farmer have planted 12,851 trees to create 74,927 square meters of new forest. This is equivalent to:

* 47.44 NHL Hockey Rinks
* 10.49 NFL Football Fields
* 14 FIFA Soccer Fields
(The Carbon Farmers – Create Your Forest, 2015)

Green Key Eco-Rating

All 40 Delta Hotels and resorts have been given the Green Key Meetings Certification, which provides meeting planners an unbiased guarantee of Delta’s commitment to environmental stewardship (News Release – Green Key Meetings, 2011). As a matter of fact, Delta Hotels and Resorts are the first national hotel chain to become 100% meetings certified under the association’s Green Key Meetings program (Delta Greens, 2015). The Green Key Eco-Rating program evaluates a hotel’s performance in nine areas of sustainable operations including:

* Energy conservation
* Water conservation
* Solid waste management
* Hazardous waste management
* Indoor air quality
* Community outreach
* Building infrastructure
* Land use
* Environmental management

The Green Key Meetings Program is a comprehensive assessment tool for hotel and resort properties that host meetings of all sizes. The assessment has been designed as a means to providing travel, meeting and conference planners with the hotel’s level of commitment to environmental...

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