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Democratic Debate Reaction Paper

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 For this reaction paper, I decided to write about a current event that the majority of the nation of the nation paid some sort of attention to, which was the first Democratic presidential debate of the 2016 campaign, which aired on CNN. The debate took place in Las Vegas at the Wynn casino. The debate was made up of five candidates, consisting of Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb, and Lincoln Chafee. Before watching the debate, I knew that Hilary Clinton was going into the debates as the favorite and was the most experienced debater. I also knew that Bernie Sanders was next in line to Hilary in means of popularity and Webb, O’Malley, and Chafee were virtually afterthoughts.
Throughout the debate, many ...view middle of the document...

These issues are very important, because they can greatly change society if new laws are made. Personally, it matters to me, because these issues not only affect my life like it affects other citizens, but also because this is the first election that I will be able to vote in. Because of this, I have paid even closer attention to the presidential debates for the next election. In my personal opinion, Clinton was the most effective in the debate overall, while Sanders fell into a fairly close second. I predict that Hilary will indeed represent the Democrats and Bernie Sanders will end up as her running mate. The first Democratic debate was definitely friendlier and less dramatic than the first Republican debate of the 2016 campaign. I take pride in paying attention to current events. I plan to watch the rest of the debates from both parties for the rest of the presidential race.
Concerns I do have with what I saw out of the candidates was the ideal of an increased minimum wage. I believe that the idea is a great thought, but I do not know how productive it may be. I fear that prices as a whole for services and goods would end up increasing, especially in minimum wage jobs to be order to pay for required billing and to pay workers. In means of candidates, I am concerned for the trailing three candidates, because there is a sense of desperation in their campaigns. I say this, because of some jabs taken by some of the bottom three candidates specifically at Hilary Clinton.
As a whole, I enjoyed watching the debates. I was especially excited to see Bernie Sanders, because of his recent increase in popularity and his fresh ideals. It is going to be very interesting to see the rest of these debates for the 201 campaign in the future.

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