Dental Clinics Bandra: Rooting Out Problems

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Om Dental Clinic Khar(W) is one of the one of the leading Dental Clinics Bandra has. And we are located just 3.3 kilometers away from the Bandra Station, we have been getting as many teeth cleaned, pulled, filled and replaced as possible for a long time.

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So Are You Looking For Dental Clinics In Bandra?

The smile of a person expresses more than a thousand words as they say. It’s the smile that wins colleagues, friends, bosses or can simply turn them off. And Dr. Berani’s Om Dental Clinic in Khar West, would be the right place for your smile makeover or dental treatments.

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Quick: 1 Hour Dental Treatment – Gap Closure In Approx. 1 Hour!
Special Offer for in-transit passengers with pick-up-drop services
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Wide Range Of Services From Leading Dental Clinics Near Bandra, Mumbai

Om Dental Clinic Khar (W) offers an array of dental treatments ranging from

teeth whitening
dental implants
cosmetic dentistry
pediatric dentistry
emergency services
In addition to all the regular services that are usually available in other dental clinics near bandra mumbai. Most of the treatments come in packages such as corporate packages, pediatric packages, brace packages, infection control packages and so on. The USP of Om Dental Clinics’ near Bandra is their efficient hospitality and their qualified dental surgeons.

Dental Treatments At Dental Clinics Near Bandra

The dentists at Om Dental Clinic Khar (W) offer world class dental treatments to their patients. They first get to establish a good rapport with their patients and try to know their individual tastes and requirements for the dental treatments. Then the appointments are given for the necessary treatments, and without long waiting hours...

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