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Departmentalization In Elementary School Essay

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Stage one - Before
Successful implementation of departmentalization in elementary schools is a consequence of the amount of preparation involved in the planning stage. A committee will plan, through research how the departmentalization will be organized: partial or full departmentalization. In partial departmentalization students have two teachers divided into math/science and language arts/social studies. In contrast, full departmentalization students have a different teacher in a different class that teaches each subject. The committee will also decide which teachers will be on teams together. The committee consists of an administrator, teacher, content specialist, ...view middle of the document...

Procedures are developed, examined for effectiveness, and revised if needed.
Stage Two - During
Monitor how time is used for effectiveness. Scheduling should be flexible, willing to change for improvement. Transition time happens as quickly as possible to avoid wasting valuable time. Instruction time should be consistent from one class to the next, interruptions kept to a minimum. Any pullout activity happens continuous to reduce transition time. Teachers and administrators diligently monitor these different aspects of time management. With minimal down time, student discipline issues decrease.
Weekly meetings are conducted to judge effectiveness of departmentalization. Student progress is examined on a regular basis. Formative assessments are given at regular intervals to help tract student progress during a single school year. More importantly, these assessments track a student’s progress over multiple years.
Teams lesson plan together creating opportunities to communicate with adults about successful methods and lessons. Answers to problems are found that a single teacher could not find on their own. Careful consideration is given to planning activities to not overwhelm the students on a particular day.
During the weekly meetings, student issues are discussed and solved. Classroom organization, rules, homework policies are kept consistent. Parent communications are written keeping parents up-to-date. Consistent “unspoken” curriculum makes transitioning from one classroom to another happen more smoothly.
Research continues on the effectiveness of departmentalization. Data is collected to contribute to on-going up-to-date research. This research should include the effects of departmentalization on learning disabled and/or gifted students.
Parents, teachers, and students complete surveys consisting of questions using a ratings scale to rate their satisfaction and effectiveness of departmentalization. Open-ended questions are included to give the participants an opportunity to express their thoughts on departmentalization. The information is compiled and analyzed to improve all areas of departmentalization.

Stage Three – After
Using the teacher, parent and student surveys, the overall satisfaction of the participants is evaluated. These surveys show if there are any issues with any area curriculum, teachers, or scheduling. Administrators, teachers, counselors, curriculum coordinators, and instructional facilitators for areas that need improvement will analyze the data from the surveys. Any area that has a low rating will be addressed through professional development.
During the month of June, Benchmark Test scores will be analyzed for gains or losses in grades that departmentalized. The above-mentioned committee will desegregate these scores. The success of departmentalization in the elementary...

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