Deploying An Operation System Within Your Organization

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An operating system accomplishes the following tasks: interaction between computer and user, providing an environment of which programs operate, and manages files. Yet, each operating system does it its own way. Hence, it is advantageous to know the pros and cons of each operating system before a decision is made. Any kind of operating system can be utilized in most environments; it's just a matter of difficulty supporting it regarding maintenance, compatibility problems and other concerns. For example, the Mac OS X would be perfect for the graphic design department, but would not work out well in the engineering department, which ...view middle of the document...

Thus, Windows is not as secure without an antivirus. Antivirus products provide protection against viruses, Trojan horses and other types of malware, such as spyware. The use and deployment of an antivirus through an organization will cost a large amount of money and will require maintenance to ensure the virus definitions are updated. Windows does come with a firewall, though, and the use of User Account Control can limit the possibility of either a user commiting malicious acts or malicious software from taking over the system.

Windows also has another downside: Its cost can be high if it did not come bundled with a computer. Many organizations buy computers with Windows preinstalled, however, even upgrades can cost a lot. What's more, Windows now has six different versions, (unlike the release of XP which had two mainstream products—Home and Professional): Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate versions, making it really confusing to decide which one to buy. For an organization, anything below Windows 7 Professional (Starter, Home Basic and Home Premium) will not be acceptable. Features such as the ability to connect to a domain, the use of Group Policy and drive encryption is not made available in these editions.

Mac OS X

Macintosh is another popular operating system, used exclusively on Apple Macintosh computers. It is widely used in the graphics/multimedia industry as well as in the education sector. Mac OS X has an easy-to-use interface and is comparable to a Windows desktop for many tasks. Macintosh evolved from a monochrome GUI on a small screen in 1984 to a large, lavish and polished one today. Beneath the good looks lie the powerful UNIX kernel, which provides flexibility, stability and security.

Mac OS X is also proprietary as well, though the kernel (the foundation of an operating system) is derived from BSD UNIX, which is governed by open-source model (see more about open-source in the Linux section). Most of the system is closed-source, however, just like Windows.

Mac OS X is a versatile OS, however, it does have limitations: For one, it cannot run Windows programs without an emulator. (Older Macintosh computers, before 2006-2007, have a RISC processor that does not run x86 [Intel] instructions, thus, emulation will be much slower). Second, it is only available on a Macintosh computer manufactured by Apple, which do cost considerably more than a comparable PC.

Unlike Windows' six different versions, Mac OS X comes in one version. Therefore, the same computer used at home can be used in the enterprise. There is a server version of Mac OS X, Xserve, available for Macintosh servers. Like Mac OS X, it must run on an Apple-built machine.


Once popular exclusively in the technically inclined community, Linux is making inroads as a viable...

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