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Depression Among Individuals Essay

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Social relationships, intimate relationships, home life, work, school , class projects, and many more daily activities can help one to call him or herself “depressed.” Individuals experience the term depression in multiple ways, varying from person to person. The actual diagnosis of depression affects around 14 million people in the United States of America today. For one to actually understand the term of depression, one needs to be able to understand and identify what the term depression is, how to identify symptoms and causes, and what attempts can be made to get the diagnosis under control. Since depression can be such a complex disorder, many different causes have been identified. ...view middle of the document...

Knowing that one is depressed can come as a shock to some and as a rejection to others. Many people are uncomfortable in calling themselves depressed. An interviewed man named Chris states, “I think really I was quite shocked and I didn’t know how to tell my wife…I had to pluck up courage to do it you know…because you hear about people with depression, you don’t think you’re one of them.” Feelings of disapproval and being viewed from a different perspective make the victims reluctant to admit his or her problem. Not one treatment for depression is necessary in all cases. What may work for one individual may not work for another. The undertaking of one’s depression may be exhausting. Angie, a woman questioned in a survey about depression, declares, “The sense of relief, that I knew I wasn’t going round the bend and that I wouldn’t have to put up with this forever, and also the fact that it spurred us into taking some action about getting away from it; that’s positive…it never occurred to me that I could be depressed, I just thought I was a nasty person…” Since the feeling of weakness is associated with depression, it does not mean that a person cannotalter his or her behavior. Admitting that one has a problem is a major step in the process of a cure. One must have help and support to fuel recovery....

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