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Describe And Explain How And Why The London Docklands Were In Need Of Rebranding

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Describe and explain how and why the London Docklands were in need of rebranding
Rebranding is “a change of image through the development of a marketing strategy.”
The London Docklands needed rebranding because it in decline and couldn’t get out of the spiral of decay. This was occurring in the 1970s. A major reason why the Docklands were in decline was because of containerisation. This meant that the London Docks and the River Thames were not large enough for the sheer size of the new ships. As the ships couldn’t get into the docks trade and transport were restricted. Furthermore, the export and import opportunity ended up with other areas such as Felixstowe and Tilbury so therefore the ...view middle of the document...

Another major environment improvement was access to the waterside. Part of this improvement was when the LDDC contributed £1.3 million towards the Docklands sailing and water sport centre. This improves the environmental side of the Docklands and also provides recreational activities for the residents. Social improvements made by the LDDC include 19800 new homes being built and another 7900 homes being refurbished. Many were flats. This was reducing poverty as the cheaper homes were affordable to the public. Also the LDDC gave the residents of the Docklands a better life style to live in as they began transforming shopping facilities. For example: in 1983 the Asda Superstore was built and many other areas such as Crisp street market were further refurbished and developed as they were a key part to east end life. This cost more the £2 million pounds but it was a major success as it provided better services for the residents which further attracted more people to the area. The major economic changes needed in the Docklands was its transport problem. The narrow roads meant that accessibility was poor. The high levels of congestion was causing pollution and further adding to the poor standards...

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