Describe The Business And Explain The General Pattern Of Chang

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Aaron M. Elizarraras
BUS411.91: Bus. Policy Seminar
Written assignment 5
Case 17
1. Compare and contrast Toyota’s manufacturing system with a conventional mass-production system. A summary list is sufficient.
Toyota’s manufacturing system differs from a conventional mass-production system in several ways. Ohono Taiichi saw flaws in the mass-production philosophy and incorporated change. Below are a list of the flaws and the solution that was implemented by Mr. Taiichi into Toyota.
1. Long production runs resulting in:
* Mass inventory
* Ware house cost
* Tied up capitol Unproductive uses
Toyota’s solution to the deficiencies:
Create a small batch of inventory. This eliminates the mass inventory along with the warehouse cost that is required to store the inventory. Toyota manufactures in lot equivalent to a one day supply while resetting the casting equipment three times per ...view middle of the document...

Each team was assigned a team leader who also served as an assembly worker. While performing there assigned duties they also performed minor tool repairs, quality control, and the ability to provide feedback to improve production.
4. Extreme division of labor resulted in:
* Numerous jobs such as foreman, quality inspectors, and tooling specialists whose job could logistically be performed by one employee.
Toyota’s solution to the deficiencies:
Assigning workers to perform various tasks resulted in the elimination of jobs that were no longer required due to the efficiency of the workforce.

5. Mass production resulted in:
* Inability to accommodate consumer’s preference.
Toyota’s solution to the deficiencies:
Toyota improved the quality control process which allowed for each portion of the assembly line to stop production when a problem arose. The workers all came together to fix the problem as a team and trace back the deficiency. At first this was an issue because it stopped production constantly till the workers gained experience. Today the assembly line virtually never stops.

What are the advantages of Toyota’s system?
Describe the essential difference between the way supplier relations are managed at Toyota and how they were managed at the typical U.S. auto manufacturer.
What are the consequences of these differences?
How does Toyota’s approach to customer relations influence its design and production planning process?
What are the implications of this?
Can the cooperation that Toyota has achieved with its suppliers and employees in Japan be replicated in its overseas manufacturing operations?
What is the basis of Toyota’s competitive advantage?
Can Toyota's competitive advantage be imitated?
Will Toyota be able to sustain its competitive advantage over the next decade?
What markets should Toyota concentrate on in the future? What challenges does it face?
Is there any "clue" in the case material that would have led you to predict Toyota's current (2010) quality issues?
Should Toyota's apparent failure to sustain quality lead one to look elsewhere for a successful manufacturing model?

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