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Describe The Following Barriers Which Managers Face And Briefly Recommend How They Might Best Be Overcome: (I) Barriers To Communication (Ii) Barriers To Change

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(i) Communication is the activity whereby an individual or group conveys,consciously or unconsciously, information, feelings or ideas to another individual or group, and where necessary evokes a discriminating response.Barriers can arise at any stage of the communication process or include 'noise' in the general environment.The barrier may arise out of skill deficiencies in the transmitter and/or the receiver since communication cannot be effective without a common reference and meaning for the words and symbols used.Recommendation: training in language and communication skills with emphasis on accuracy, brevity and clarity. The recipient has to be clear on what is said, follow the structure ...view middle of the document...

Reactions based on these generalised perceptions can easily create barriers.- The halo effect is a similar misperception arising from judgements extrapolated from limited characteristics.- Recommendation: barriers based on misperceptions are difficult to remove entirely. Communicators need to be aware of perceptual problems and acknowledge them. Techniques for developing trust and openness will be to the fore together with efforts at conflict resolution.- Communication between and across organisational levels is liable to involve numerous distortions and filtering of information.- Recommendation: downward communication must consider appropriate and effective forms (e.g. face-to-face or memo or notice board) as well as establishing feedback channels for ensuring that the correct meaning was received and acted upon. Upward communication will only thrive if superiors encourage it and are receptive to the information received e.g. suggestions acted upon and rewarded.Horizontal communication may require more flexible structures to overcome distortions associated with hierarchy e.g. inter-disciplinary working groups or matrix.(ii) Many employees and some managers dislike change and more especially the consequences of change.The major barriers to change include:- individuals may feel that their interests are directly threatened. This may be their job security, their status, their salary or their perceived satisfactions arising out of the current job-...

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