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Describe The Impact Of World Trade Organization's Globalization Strategy On Taiwanese Agriculture

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Introduction:The World Trade Organization (WTO) is an international organization which is devoted to reducing the tariff and contributes to oversee agreements between its members. In 2002, Taiwan joined the WTO. Before that, there were several unusual things happening in Taiwan. For example, people were trying to store the goods and wine and so on. Farmers started worrying about losing their jobs after joining the WTO. However, after joining, the market gradually became stable again and some farmers also found new ways to make a living on their own. The impact on agriculture after WTO entry was enormous and farmers still needed time and government's assistance to go through the transition ...view middle of the document...

However, the future of agriculture needs more detailed estimation and management because agriculture is on of the most basic and vital industries in any country.2. Disadvantages and Advantages of joining the WTO2.1 Disadvantage:Taking The US-Taiwan WTO TRADE Agreement as an example, people have felt several disadvantage as well as advantages. First, the government has less income from the tariff; also, the local companies have to compete with the international corporations by investing more money, supplying more service or developing new products. Third, the widely open market is shared with international companies; as a result, if local companies don't have enough compatibility, they are deserted by customers. Lastly, the agricultural magnitude will be decreased in the modernized and globalizing society. As a matter of fact, the number of farmers is lower than before because fewer people are interested in the agricultural industry nowadays. The majority of labors are working in the manufacturing industry instead of agricultural activities. That is, it has become a trend in new generation. As a result, it is hard to see young men in farming towns. .2.2 Advantages:In fact, there were not only disadvantages in joining the WTO but also coming some advantages. In the beginning, I have observed in the society that consumers have more choices to buy meat or vegetables from Japan, US, Australia, and Malaysia with less expense than before. Consumers can buy stylish imported cars with fewer tariffs and maintain cars with sufficient auto parts. Citizens can ride on the modern express train and tubes imported from the foreign countries and enjoy the most safe and comfortable ride to go to everywhere with faster speed and in less time. In addition, patients are able to get better medication or surgery in hospitals by using the newest machine and updated medicine.2.3 The US-Taiwan WTO TRADE AgreementBefore Taiwan joined WTO, it had been complying with WTO Trade agreement. The US was the largest trade partner in 2000, the volume of trade between the US and Taiwan was 64.8 billion. The US exports to Taiwan were 24.4 billion and imports from Taiwan were 40.5 billion. Those were mostly affected by the US-Taiwan WTO TRADE Agreement in February 1998. However, according to the agreement, Taiwan will open its market to US companies in a range of business. They include service sectors, such as professional service, express delivery service, advertising, wholesale and retail distribution, financial service (banking, insurance, and security) and so on. It also requires that the Taiwanese government reduces tariffs on a wide range of goods and agricultural...

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