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Describe The Similarites And Differences In The Founding Of Virgiania And New England Colonies

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The two colonies of Virginia and New England were vastly different but not without similarities. While New Englanders came almost purely for religious reasons, Virginians came to make a profit. While New Englanders had a balanced economy, Virginia's economy was based on the exportation of tobacco. But the two colonies were similar in that they were, to a point, self-governing. The Puritans came to settle in the colonies to escape from the religious persecution they were experiencing back at England. They also came so that they could set up their own way of worship. To that end they brought their entire family over and started building their colony from the beginning. ...view middle of the document...

Women were scarce in Virginia and would continue to be scarce until after 1630, when the price of tobacco stabilized and men concentrated on building families.From the start New England's soil was rocky and hard to cultivate, but New Englanders made a living from making and selling commodities to new settlers coming from England. But at the end of the Great Migration in 1640 the New Englanders had to look for more sources of income. To this end they developed their fish industry, "raised corn and wheat, bred cattle, cut timber, and build ships". With these ships they brought their goods up and down the coast and the profits back to New England. Virginia was very hospitable for tobacco growing so the colonists grew tobacco and stuck to growing tobacco for many years. This was not a very good way of building the economy because with so many people growing tobacco, the amount of tobacco would lower the price and this is exactly what happened. The price of tobacco fluctuated wildly until it stabilized at a little more than 2 pence per pound. One of the similarities between Virginia and New England was that they practically ruled themselves with their own governments. New England's government was elected from the townspeople and was made to support God's commandments. Virginia had their House of Burgesses, elected from the rich and wealthy they passed their own laws and taxes. There are similarities like self government between the New England and Virginia colonies but they are outnumbered but the differences like different economies and different reasons for the founding of the colonies.

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