“Describe Three Ways In Which Teamwork Can Be Of Benefit To Organizations (Give Examples) And Give Two Benefits That Individuals Might Gain From Working In Teams”

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“Describe three ways in which teamwork can be of benefit to
organizations (give examples) and give two benefits that individuals
might gain from working in teams”
Cohen and Bailey (1997:241) defined team work as: - “ A team is a
collection of individuals who are independent in their tasks, who share
responsibility for outcomes, who see themselves and who are seen by others
as an intact social entity embedded in one or more larger systems” (cited in
King and Lawley 2013). Teamwork is a vital part of running an organization,
which is why most of the companies encourage employees to attend team
building trainings. The collaborative work is considered to be beneficial for
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e. control of their time and
above all each individual has a right to give their opinion (freedom of speech),
therefore Google Inc is on a 4th place in the list of companies with short
tenures (Giang 2013) with a job satisfaction of 80% and was rated to be an
eight best company to work for by Forbes in 2014 (Smith 2013).
Thirdly, collaboration enhances the general motion in the working
environment and consequently convinces workers to be more dedicated to
one another's advancement and achievement. This dedication frequently
prompts group improvement. A group with high official power particularly
performs all activities better than different groups and meets all intelligent
desires of the parts. Cooperation is a mental and enthusiastic distraction with
people in gathering circumstances that propel them to help one another for
accomplishing gathering objectives and to partake in the work obligation
(Ghorbanhosseini 2013). The main advantage for a company from committed
employees is an increase in profitability and production.

According to King and Lawley (2013) one of the benefits of teamwork
for an individual is “job enrichment and rotation”, meaning that employees
have an opportunity to perform a variety of tasks, avoiding the boredom and
therefore de-motivation of doing same working routine through out the whole
project process. Such opportunity usually leads to an improvement of skills
and benefits the individual in terms of self-education, as well as self-

actualization. While working with other individuals, an employee receives a
chance to demonstrate their full potential and therefore move themselves in
their career.
In addition, Vašková (2007) stated: - “Provided that the conditions of
autonomous decision-making are in place, with the corresponding powers and
responsibilities for assigned tasks, teamwork enhances employees’ interest
and motivation, not just in the context of the employee’s work task but also in
the context of the corporate strategy as a whole”, meaning that by taking part
in a teamwork, an individual has more motivation to complete and achieve the
goal, with a reference to the feeling of belonging. Following the Maslow theory
of motivation and the Hierarchy of needs, the third factor of importance in
order for a person to be motivated is the feeling of “Love and Belonging”,
which can be enhanced by teamwork and result in overall well-being of an
individual, e.g. receiving a raise in terms of salary for a successful work.

In conclusion, there is a clear evidence of the beneficial influence of
teamwork on the performance of an organization. As long as the workforce is

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