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Descriptive Essay On "Wine Tasting"

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Wine tasting is not just like art, it is an art. While wine tasting can be subjective in nature, wine connoisseurs follow some general "guidelines" when judging a wine. It is very easy to learn the techniques of wine tasting, and if you already enjoy wine, leaning the nuances will simultaneously increase the pleasure you derive from tasting.A wine may be tasted to determine the type of wine, to appraise its quality, to determine its blend, to detect origin, or in comparison with different wines. Different types of wine are not judged by the same standards such as merlot and chardonnay, thus the difficulty lies in appraising each wine within it own category. Senses such as sight, smell, ...view middle of the document...

Aroma is the smells that originate from the grape itself, especially when young. Take a quick whiff and formulate an initial impression, then take a second deeper whiff or take only one deep whiff, either way, after you smell the wine, sit back and contemplate the aroma. Don't try to "taste" the wine yet, concentrate only on what you smell.Bouquet is the smells created by the winemaking which occur after fermentation and barrel-aging. It may be difficult to describe in words when you're a novice, but after trying many wines you will notice similarities and differences. Sometimes a certain smell will be very strong with underlying hints of other smells. Take your time. By labeling an aroma you will probably remember it better.Tasting wine requires a technique to evaluate the quality of a wine or the wine's balance between sweetness and acidity. A fine wine will have balance from front to back with all flavors in harmony without any surprises.Flavor involves your sensory impressions of taste and smell picked up in aroma on your plate and nasal passages.Palate is the sensory impressions that are detected on the palate include acid, alcohol, sweetness, bitterness and astringencyTo get the full taste of a wine initially taste and gather a first impression of the wine. This is where the wine awakens your senses and your taste buds respond to sensations.Take a sip of the wine, draw air in over your palate and swallow, noting the effect and flavor of the...

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