Descriptive Hate For Work Essay

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Freddy Rodriguez
Prof. Chamberlain
English 063
16 Oct, 2012
My Hate for Work
We all deal with some sort of issue that makes our work experience negative. In my case its cooking at a restaurant where all you hear is kids screaming uncontrollably from the control point window in the grill, the fog coming from both the fryer and grill, and last, but not least the “pushing and shoving” from the grill team when we’re pulling off a thousand dollar hour. If you haven’t guessed yet, its Friendly’s “Where ice cream makes the meal”... and my hate for people. I’m just kidding, but I don’t like rude people; like if I’m nice to you why can’t you return the nice gesture? Anyways (back on track) its ...view middle of the document...

Much like when Andy works “kids night” (Wednesday, when kids eat for $1.99). Which makes no sense because theres no profit gain from a stupid promotion where kids receive a meal, drink, and ice cream for all of two dollars. But thankfully I don’t work Wednesdays anymore because of the way my classes are this semester. I swear I’m a freaking mastermind for making my agenda the way it is! I just find it weird that I dislike kids so much because I want to pursue a nursing a career and specialize in neonatal which deals with new born babies. So I’ll be going from one loud screaming scene to another, just think of all the crying babies. Just a more professional setting from where I am now. However, as negative as it sounds I feel like it keeps me sane in a way, or I’ve just adapted to it because I GO CRAZY sitting in silence. So I thank those little reckless runts for that.
Aside from the pain in my ears, my eyes and sense of smell take a toll as well. I consider Working in the grill fun, except when I have to deal with the smokey fryers, much like that of a chimney during the winter. It causes an irritable dryness in my eyes, especially when I have my contacts in. its like my contact lenses are trying to shimmy their way out of my pupil. And working over the grill isn’t much better either; my eyes literally welt from all the steam from the juicy greasy burgers that have blood seeping out from being cooked. Although the blood isn’t noticeable once we dust off charbroil onto the burger as if its snowstorm Alfred from 2011; Also the melted cheese of course! The gooey melted bubbly lava like texture makes it so appetizing and pleasing to just look at (aside from the beating my eyes took during the preparation). In...

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