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Descriptive Title Essay

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Relational Aggression in Adolescent Teen Girls

Stephanie Brooks

Delta State University

CED 606: Consultations and Collaborations

Mr. John Hawkins

July 27, 2009


Female adolescent violence is on the rise and it is becoming increasingly seen within our homes, schools, and communities. Aggression in girls is a problem that is gaining amplified interest. The forms of relational aggression historically used by girls to harm their victims have progressed more into physical altercations. An understanding of the relationship between the developmental and background factors that contribute to learned behaviors in girls is ...view middle of the document...

Girls tend to mimic the behaviors of other women in their lives and if they are not positive women they the girls do not have much of a choice on acting in a mild way. Girls feel that they must be assertive because of socio-cultural restrictions on expressing themselves. Many girls have been taught to express themselves in a positive way and often time the women who they look up to have not provided them with that ability to manage their feelings. According to this journal parents, minority status, socioeconomic class, and environment play a major role in the aggression in adolescent girls. Aggression in these teens can lead to many unwanted problems. Parents that provide nurturing environments, loving, and guidance to their children have less aggression than the ones who are not provided with that love and affection. Some families train their daughters to fight (2007). Girls who parents fail them by not providing safety and modeling that they tend to make the girls act out.

This article target parents, teachers, counselors, and anyone who may feel that understanding why girls act the way they do. The article explains how the family plays a role in the girls’ lives, how the environment can hinder them from achieving, and how other peers can influence their decision making.

Although relational aggression is often not paid much attention to by society, it is often ignored and is said that girls are being girls. We must pay attention these behaviors in order to help the girls become positive women. If the girls are ignored now they will grow up to be women with aggression. As teachers, counselors, and other professionals we must close the gap and do not keep the cycles going. This article places emphasis on this problem and it indicates ways to help deal with it. The article described many interventions that can be implemented in the girls’ lives to help them to deal with the commonalities that adolescents face. I found the article to be interesting and useful to many readers. It comes from a social worker, but it can be of importance to many other professionals and citizens. If professionals understand the article it will enlighten them on many ways to help these teen girls. The article was both useful and I found it to serve as a vital piece to help girls in molding their lives.

Professional Relevance

Aggression in girls is a problem that is being faced around us. It enhances issues in counseling because it helps counselors to understand what girls face and how they think. This article reflects gender and that makes it important to understand that girls are...

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