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Design Of A Car Jack Essay

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This Project report details the design and development of a motorized car jack powered the 12 V DC electric outlets available in most modern cars. The motivations behind the project and the objectives and goals of the project are also discussed.
Although it was initial plans were to develop a pneumatically operated jack that would work on the car exhaust fumes, rough calculations showed that this idea would not be feasible for safe operation. We later settled on the project idea of a conventional scissor jack that would be operated electrically through the cigarette lighter outlet.
Moving further there were two options available – design a scissor jack form the ground up or to ...view middle of the document...

This project aims to make tire replacement a safer and less strenuous exercise.

MENG 370: Element Machine Design, Spring 2013, Professor: Jong B. Lee, Ph.D. 6 / 12
Sample of Written Report

2. Project Motivations
When it is finished, your report should consist of the following components in this order:
A Title Page
Table of Contents Page
Summary (1 to 5 pages)
An introduction (i.e. not the summary) The main section (3 or 4)
A final section (conclusions, recommendations, suggestions and scope for further work) Appendices (numbered)

The Title Page should contain the name of the project, your name, the year, the instructor's name. All centred. This page may be followed by a page for Acknowledgements (optional).
The Acknowledgements page is where you thank all the people who have helped you with the project, including your instructor, if appropriate. You will also need to acknowledge the
contribution of others at different places in the body of the report.

The Table of contents Page lists the Chapter titles, and optionally the main sections within
chapters, with page numbers. If there is only one Appendix, it should be included at the end of the list, otherwise numbered appendices should be listed under a separate heading.
The Summary is the most difficult part to write, but it is the part people are most likely to read.
Indeed, it should be aimed at readers who do not intend to read the whole report. As the name
suggests, it should summarise what is in the report. You will need to make several attempts at it.
The shorter the summary is, the better. One page is ideal, but difficult to achieve. Do not exceed
five pages.

The Introduction is different. It should lead the readers gently ‘from the known to the unknown,’
from what they already know to the new material that you are presenting in the report. It is best
to start off with some general principles and go from the general to the specific. Alternatively,
you may decide to use the introduction to state the problem which your project aims to solve, or
to review the state of the art of the technology you have used in the project. Sometimes it is
appropriate to finish the introduction with an outline of what is coming in the succeeding

What goes into the Main Chapters is up to you. Some students find it helpful to think of the
project in terms of Why they did it, What they did, How they did it and Why they did it the way they did it and then to write about those things. Naturally these are not the titles of the chapters, but the general idea of what they contain.

One of the main reasons why people read a project report is to find out whether the project itself
is any good. So an important component of any report is evaluation. There are two levels on
which evaluation can be done. One level is the formal process in which the system is presented
to third parties, such as user...

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