Design Process Matrix And Summary Essay

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Process Design Matrix and Summary

Leticia Beck


September 30, 2013

Design Process Matrix and Summary

Chaley’s Hair Salon in a full service beauty salon that is dedicated to providing high customer satisfaction to her clients. She executes this by rendering excellent service quality products and making sure all clients have an enjoyable experience while paying reasonable prices. She also maintains a healthy and creative work environment for her employees.

Mission: to supply clients with products and service that caters to the enhancement of their physical appearance.
Motto: Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
Chaley Guice is the sole proprietor of Chaley’s Hair Salon. She has been in Downtown Lufkin for the past 9 years. Chaley has a large client base and loyal customers. Her hard work and excellent customer service attracts new customers and retains current clients.
The key to success:
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It has many features and is very easy to use. One feature is the Smart Stay which means the screen maintains a bright display as long as you are looking at it. It also has Direct Call which lets use dial by using voice commands. The Galaxy SIII also offers features such as smart alert, social tag and S voice. S voice allows you to search the internet, send a test message or find a location all using voice command. S Beam is another neat feature that allows you to share media just by tapping you phone against another Galaxy S III. These are just a few of the highlights offered by the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Convenience: Makes using a phone as easy and convenient as possible
Reputation: Samsung has a reputation for creating Hi Tech and innovative smart phones that can perform a variety of task.


University of Phoenix Material

Process Design Matrix

Complete the process design matrix.

Write an executive summary identifying appropriate design approaches for a selected product and service.

Pick one service with which you are familiar. Complete three to five line items such as production line, self-service or personal attention approach, on the Process Design Matrix.

Pick one product with which you are familiar. Complete three to five line items such as Job shop, batch, assembly line, or continuous flow approach, on the Process Design Matrix.

Process Design Aspect | Service | Product |
Design focal point | | |
Strategy | | |
Process design approach | | |
Process map | | |
Process Performance Measurement | | |
Factory location | Centrally located | |
Facility layout | | Assembly line |
Process design | | |
Scheduling | Convenient flexible scheduling | |
Product planning | | team planning |
Workforce | Highly qualified and experiencedStylist and nail technicians | Highly qualified engineers and technicians |
Quality | | |
Capacity | | |
Inventory | | |

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