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Why should immigrants have to learn or have to choose to speak the English language.
According to most immigrants’ that choose to continue to speak only the language from their culture may be sacrificing their chances of good employment in America. To become a citizen in the United States you must learn to read, write, and speak English. What are some examples of English-only laws? A county passes an ordinance that prohibits the county from funding activities involving a language other than English. Bilingual services at the county hospital and direction signs in the public transit system are eliminated. A state passes a law making English the "official" language and prohibits government ...view middle of the document...

This measurement has gotten 194 co-sponsors. The Language of Government Act, H.R. 123, a bill introduced by Rep. Bill Emerson (R-Mo.), would require that official government business at all levels be conducted in English. Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.) has 22 co-sponsors on a companion bill he is pushing in the Senate. The legislation allows for exceptions, permitting the use of languages other than English for public health and safety, judicial proceedings (although actual trials are conducted in English), foreign language instruction, and tourism.
Bilingual education programs have long been a source of controversy between those who see them as a way for non-English speakers to make the transition to English, and those who see the programs simply as a way to preserve diverse cultures.
In recent months, the debate over the issue has taken on a national focus. This bill would in no way restrict an individual's use of any language.
According to the department of justice, they have printed ballots in foreign languages, based on census data that detected hot spots of non-English speakers....

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