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Desperate Air Case Essay

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Desperate Air Case
Behaving ethically is a decision based on morals and more often than not managers or executives are faced with these difficult decisions that can translate into short or long term profits. Organizations that demonstrate good ethical behavior and strong corporate social responsibility typically yields significant rewards in return. But what happens when an unethical decision is the only way to save your organization from a collapse? That is the case for Desperate Air Corporation's vise president of Real Estate George Nash. Mr. Nash, after doing some soul searching, still decided to close out a deal to sell one of DAC's commercial property to Fledgling Industries even after discovering that the land is exposed with hazardous substances that could prove ...view middle of the document...

One would have to be very careful in considering the alternative course of actions taken because at what point does business trumps morals? This approach is intended to be proactive and adaptive while at the same time giving lessons on ethical discourse which will help in the understanding of this type of ethical dilemma and on how to eradicate it.
The tool for recognition in this scenario would be to conduct stakeholders' impact analysis, survey the stakeholders, and conduct independent internal and external ethics audits. I want to know exactly how the CEO and other executives feel about the situation at hand. In the discovery process of ethical fact gathering, I would build an internal and external transparency while still continuing to do those audits aforementioned because I want my decision to be honest and non secretive. During the cognition phase, I would do an ethical breakdown and judgment with our DAC lawyer and to fully go over any legal wrongdoings and ramifications of my eventual decision. The results from the surveys and analysis with the lawyer and other executives will help influence the action taken in my behavior hopefully bringing forth a positive financial ore ceremonial reward. And finally this process will allow me to assess the ethical outcome of the situation. I can use the result from this ethical incident for continuous ethical improvements. Nonetheless, how can you fault one when they are practicing within the law while capitalizing on earnings . In chapter 2 of the Trevino and Nelson text, there is an argument that there should be a strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility and ethical behavior. The "RDCAR" approach will ease in the decision of me closing out the deal.

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