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Destination Management Essay

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Destination Management: A Case Study of the Himalayas

For a long time the mountainous region of South Asia has captured the imagination of tourists. It is known for its breath-taking beauty and is home to some of the highest mountains in the world. It has been a closed region for a number of centuries.
Nearly 446 million which is half the world’s 969 million poor call South Asia their home and all of them live on less than US$ 1 per day. This is almost two times than the quantity of poor that live in Sub-Saharan Africa (298 million poor living under US$ 1 each day. (Ahmed et al. 2007). A complete appreciation of the poverty condition and the way that tourism can address this ...view middle of the document...

Destination Management:

Destination: A place is that an individual or group of individuals travel to, and that is different from their natural place of abode (Dredge and Jenkins 2007). They further note that the limitations of destinations are tied to the physiognomies of tourism patterns. To understand the concept of a destination region (Dredge 1999) identified three characteristics.
i. Tourist creating markets and destination areas are unconnected geographical entities.
ii. The complex and multi-scale nature of destinations means that their conceptualisation must be a flexible hierarchical structure adapted to suit different market, scale and location characteristics.
iii. Destinations can be solesites or can be a can be a set of geographically separate placeswith connected travel patterns or touring routes.
Most tourist activities take place at destinations hence destinations form a pillar in any model of the tourism system but destination marketing and management is a complex issue which requires a holistic and systematic approach.
Understanding the Driving factors of Destination Marketing and Management:

The tourism industry is not an independent or closed system. The development of this industry relies heavily on the support of other external and environmental systems such as sociocultural, economic, political, physical etc.
According to a report by KAI (Karl Albrecht International) for the Destination Marketing Association International, eight new ‘super trends’ have been identified as the new driving force behind successful destination marketing and management.
The customer environment:
Travelling customers often respond positively to a diversified set of value clusters i.e. combination of products and services that suit individual preferences.
Destinations and destination marketers must craft, design, promote and coordinate a satisfying visitor experience that maximises the economic distribution to the destination. They must also create an even richer palette of options and target their value packages more skilfully.

The Competitor environment:
As the travel market continues to evolve it brings with it greater fluidity, complexity, disintermediation and reinter mediation and the visitors along with the businesses that sell services to them are faced with a bewildering set of information choices. Free online content especially creates an intense noise level which makes it difficult for destinations to make themselves the preferred information providers.
Destination marketers must become the most popular source of information for visitors and the businesses that sell services to them and that will require becoming more visible in all media especially capturing and significant share of the World Wide Web traffic that involves travel decisions.
The Economic Environment:
The current economic environment is very volatile and uncertain which makes it necessary to plan flexibly with various economic...

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