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Destiny Or Coincidence Essay

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Destiny or Co-incidence

On 14th of august, a simple middle class photographer, after having breakfast, leaves his home for work, not knowing what the day would bring to him. He heads for the local railway station by which he goes to his workshop everyday. While awaiting his train he notices a man sitting few benches away. The man looks a little mysterious by his dressing. He wears a tuxedo and a black hat. He was carrying a black shining suitcase and seemed to be extra protective about it. He noticed that the man was talking to himself.
As he was noticing him, the train arrived on the platform. Being of a curious mind the photographer boarded the same compartment as the ...view middle of the document...

He finally decided to visit him and take his opinion as he was living nearby the station. He rushed to the soldier and explained him the situation. The soldier being a good friend tried to help him. He managed to open the suitcase as he was trained to do so in army. After breaking the lock he was cautious not to trigger anything so he opened the suitcase very carefully. They opened the suitcase and noticed it was empty. There was nothing inside but now they could hear small beep sounds from the suitcase.
After noticing for a while the soldier saw that there was a layer of card board which was been put so as to depict that suitcase was empty. They removed the extra card board to find there was a cylinder shaped thing with 3 wires being connected to a digital timer which was sounding the beeps. It was a time bomb which was set for a count down of around 36 minutes. Now both were horrified as to what they were into. They tried to call the police as it was a very serious issue and to defuse the bomb specialised people were required. Within minutes the police arrived at their house and took...

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