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In daily operation, destoner machine may have some noises. How to find out the cause of the noises and how to solve the problem?
First, when the destoner machine wind screen has noises, this always has close relations with the wind screen conformity. Due to the rough point of weld in corn processing, the wind screen small mouth margin height is not consistent. In allocation, it always has friction with the rotor end.
Second, electromagnetism sound: it can be divided into high frequency and low frequency. It may be because of the bad conformance of the axle iron core chute,the rough iron core inner chamber and the inconformity of the rotor outer diameter processing. Usually we can adopt the method of changing rotor to solve this problem.
Third, high and low voice from the motor:
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Finally, other factors also may cause destoner machine noises, such as slot sedge part popping, vibration, long fixed bolt of the bearing cap. We should check whether the destoner machine each part is loose.

Africa is the continent where the economy is relatively backward. To promote its economic development, we should begin from the food problem solving. Maize flour milling in many African countries presents huge business opportunities. In Africa, destoner machine is among the most traditional and necessary units. Taking into consideration the African market needs and market requirement, destoner machine is considered to become more and more popular. It can not only be established at a lower cost but is versatile as well - since maize flour can be obtained from it for commercial purposes and it can also take up job work opportunities.

With a growing population, there is scope for establishing destoner machine or plant in important commercial centres in the rural or urban areas. There are two approaches of running a DESTONER MACHINE business:

The first one is where the consumers bring with maize or grains for grinding, the mill owner charges at a definite rate either in terms of money or a part of grinded grains (the rate is usually decided on per kg basis). Most of small maize mills (capacity less than 1,000 Kgs/day) are involved in such practices only.

The second approach is where the own buys maize grains, mills them into flour, packages the flour and sells maize flour to the retailers or consumers. This is the best option for medium scale corn milling machine (capacity over 1000 Kgs/day).

Therefore, to start the destoner machine business in Africa, we should make it clear about the project scale, the business plan, which can guide us in planning our destoner machine business.

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