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Determination Of Animal Abuse Essay

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Determination of Animal Abuse
Jennifer Stafford

Determination of Animal Abuse
People and animals have been around since the beginning of time. In early days, animals were killed and hunted for survival. However, the relationship between people and animals has changed somewhat since then. Today, the vast majority of people do not need to kill and hunt animals in order to survive. In this paper, I will talk about how some people think that animal-factory farms, family farms and hunting is considered animal abuse. I will then later explain that neither of these is considered animal abuse. Therefore, the question is, how does one determine what actually animal abuse is? There is a massive ...view middle of the document...

There is a cycle here! This method makes for an unhealthy environment for all the animals. Some of these animals end up sick (being put together so closely) or die (being walked and pushed around too much) because of these conditions. Sometimes the fumes from the environment in which these animals live can contaminate the air that we, as humans, breathe, which in the long run can hurt our health.
The next thing that happens to these animals is how the animal-factory farms send the animals to the slaughterhouses to be prepped and killed. After the animals have been feed the right amount of drugs, that help them grow faster and grow more muscle mass than normal, the animal’s demise begins its journey to the slaughterhouses. The animals are packed into small crates, and loaded onto trucks. They have no water or food for this journey. Once they get to the slaughterhouse the small animals, like chickens, have the tips of their beaks removed (PETA). This is done while the chicken is still awake. It is done so that the chickens do not hurt each other, or themselves, because they are so close together in their cages. Later the animal is plucked and then killed. The chicken’s body is then processed by chopping and slicing it up so the meat can be packaged for shipping. The larger animals, like cattle, are cut in order to bleed out so that the animal-factory farm can save some of the blood for later use. Then, the cattle are put in boiling water (the animal is still alive) to skin the animal so that the hide is in one piece (PETA). At this point, the animal’s body is chopped up and sliced in order to package the meat for shipping. After all this, the animal parts that are left over are thrown out and discarded as waste. This includes: the neck, heart, lungs, and etc. Some people think that discarding the parts of these animals is cruel and disrespectful to the animals. Also the waste from these animals can contaminate the air that we, as humans, breathe, which in the long run can hurt our health as well. Again, whether or not an animal is being abused, depends upon how and for what reasons the animal is killed.
Chicken legs do not spring out of the ground and beef does not grow on trees. The people who say that animal-factory farms are cruel and inhumane need to stop and think where their meat actually comes from. Without these kinds of farms, people who eat meat would not have meat for their table. I do not believe that the animal-factory farms actually let the animals suffer for any reason. I do not believe that the slaughterhouses would let an animal die while suffering. Slaughterhouses do find ways in using the waste of an animal. I think they are more humane than what has been said and/or seen. One solution to making sure that these animals do not suffer is to make sure the animals have a good place to live in. These animals need proper nourishment without all the drugs to make them grow faster or have more muscle mass. I do not agree that the...

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