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Scenario 1:
I am a marketing assistant that is in charge for setting up a trade show. Before setting up a booth, I should keep certain things in mind. I should keep in mind that I am responsible for all the equipment and components that are needed to be transported to the event. I cannot forget about all the components and equipment that were identified to be shipped to the trade show site have to be transported back to the home office after the show is over. The set up team, and I should remember at a typical show, we are responsible for more than a quarter million dollars of equipment. It is very important that we can handle any problems due to shipping damages or loss.
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Each item that is categorized can be easily recorded in Excel spreadsheet. Using excel offers many advantages and also disadvantages for the storage of information and retrieving important data. The advantages of using excel are, it is inexpensive and easy to use, portable, can be sent by e-mail, can be locked with password, easier to setup from scratch, and can be synchronized with PDA (personal digital assistant, cable of combining computing, telephoning, faxing, networking) features on cell phones. With such advantages, I can easily communicate with home office on important issues pertaining to product information. The disadvantage of excel is that the virus can be attached to excel file through macros. Micros are mini program that are written into excel spreadsheet. Most applications today allow you to attach macros or scripts to your files. When you share a file with another user, the attached macro or script goes with the file. Research has shown that most macro viruses are designed to run, or attack, when you first open the file ( "Http://",). Other disadvantages are; data can be lost or corrupted when user creates subset directory for data; cannot create report like database; restricted to limited number of record; and are not very scalable for accessing and manipulating large volume of data.
I would use the enterprise database instead of a personal database because of the scalability and security options it offers over a personal database. Enterprise database is capable of handling thousand of transactions or more happening at the same time per hour than a personal database. According Kroenke, 2014 p 118, enterprise DBMS products process large organizational and workgroup databases. These products support many, possibly thousands, of users
And many different database applications. Such DBMS products support 24/7 operations and

can manage databases that span dozens of different magnetic disks with hundreds of gigabytes

Or more of data. IBM’s DB2, Microsoft’s SQL Server, and Oracle’s Oracle Database are examples

Of enterprise DBMS products. In comparison personal DBMS products are designed for smaller,

Simpler database applications. Such products are used for personal or small workgroup

applications that involve fewer than 100 users, and normally fewer than 15. In fact, the great

bulk of databases in this category Have only a single user. The professor’s Student database is an

example of a database that is processed by a Personal DBMS product (Kroenke 2014 p118).

Enterprise database is more ideal for business operation while personal database is acceptable for

personal use such as at home. Enterprise database offers the best way to communicate with home

office and to let the company know the status of equipment and components for shipment.

A decision support system...

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