Determining Databases And Data Communication Essay

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Determining Databases and Data Communications
Scott Powers
April 29, 2013
Dr. Julie Johnston

Determining Databases and Data Communications

A tracking system can be a complicated process, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or a Database system is the focus of this study, and the finding are in the following report. The first research conducted analyses a marketing assistance and the tracking systems used. The second part of the research conducted is to analysis the best options for computer access at a small office and how to determine the best system to use. A spreadsheet is attached to view the cost and abilities of each access for the office assistant. Each study took into ...view middle of the document...

Add a column for a shippers name and number and another column for a date. On the bottom of the spreadsheet, show a place for the reviewer’s signature upon inventory before and after the trade show. A second option is have each piece of equipment and each component pre-filled out on a spreadsheet, the reviewer may check each box as appropriate. A second sheet may be needed, because of the constant location changes and shippers used to transport the required items needed for the trade shows. An Excel spreadsheet is easily modified to fit the situation, adding a row or a column is simple and universal. Once the user has gathered the information that they think they need to successfully track the trade show item, the user be able to print a black sheet or enter the data in the black cells then print the sheet for travel as a hard copy of the information for reference. Excel spreadsheets are user friendly and have numerous simply formats to fill all needed levels.
Booth and trade show tracking: Database system
A database can track the history of previous trade shows and the inventory used and not used. The weights of each item and the required support each item needs. A database can track the shipper used, special notes may be placed on the performance of the shippers, number of shipments each shipper shipped over a period of time and the accuracy of each shipment, to include any damaged item in the movement or total loss. A Marketing assistant may make the best decision of which shippers to use for particular location of each tradeshow. By knowing shipper’s information and history from a database the marketing assistance will be able to direct their team to a successful outcome to a tradeshow. Both system may be used and have a successful outcome for a marketing assistant and his/her team, either system can be used independently or in conjunction with each other.
Determining a WAN, LAN or wireless network is needed for the small consulting office.
Wireless business plan:
When wanting to find a business solution for a small office, what is the right choice for a network so employees can use the database set up by the company, security is the most important aspect to allow outside access without allowing outside virus. A WAN can easily be maintained with an IT professional, however allowing employees to access via home...

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