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Develop And Evaluate Operational Plans Essay

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Unit B1

1.1 Identify operational objectives within own area of responsibility
The main purpose of my role is to provide a quality service which meets the needs of the service users. This means providing high quality, safe and cost effective care. When doing this it is essential that I am meeting the requirements of the relevant standards set out by the Care Quality Commission, government policies and codes of practice. I am also expected by the directors/ shareholders to have an understanding of:

* The market in which we are working
* The overall vision of the organisation
* On-going strategic plans
* Continuing to develop relationships with new funding ...view middle of the document...

Recording own professional interventions at all times
11. Providing cover for supporting staff, if necessary and/or as directed by Business Development Manager
12. Working in collaboration with the business development manager/team

1.2 Analyse objectives of own area of responsibility in relation to those of own organisation

When considering the objectives above I can fulfil these by:

* Continually monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment programme by monitoring treatment outcomes, listening to feedback from service users and staff.
* Carrying out regular audits on client files, staff files, medication, fire file and supervision files.
* Ensuring that each support worker/counsellor is supervised every 6 weeks.
* By being actively involved with the team. Attending handover, facilitating team meetings.
* By Maintaining professional knowledge
* By ensuring that staff are aware of training opportunities
* Seeking advice from team members when problem solving
* By keeping own records up to date
* By being actively involved with the team at times of staff shortage
* By ensuring an up to date staff rota is available at all times.
* By practicing effective communications with both staff and service users
* Continually monitoring health and safety.

2.2 Identify support from relevant stakeholders

The term Stakeholders refers to everybody who has an interest in the health and wellbeing of the local population and the delivery and development of health and social care services. They can range from individual service users and carers to service providers such as primary care professionals, other statutory organisations, councils as well as the voluntary and community sectors and the wider public. Many local stakeholders are already involved in a number of cross sectoral Partnerships that have been given lead responsibility locally for taking forward actions in specific areas such as, community safety etc. It is important that these Partnerships are also recognised as part of the stakeholder network. Below is a list of different stakeholders that we come into contact with and the support that they offer.

Healthcare needs
Our service users see our own private doctor on admission, he prescribes the detoxification regime. For all other healthcare needs they are registered with a local G.P, and dentist. We collect all our prescriptions from a local pharmacy. Occasionally it is necessary for service users to visit hospitals for appointments or occasionally Accident and emergency units.

Mental Health
Specialist advice is important in the area of mental health. Most of our service users with mental health problems already have relationships established with mental health specialists from their area. This would normally be C.P.N’s, psychiatrists, support workers. It has proved more effective to continue working with professional’s with whom the service user is familiar,...

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