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Develop Procedures/Practice To Respone To Concerns And Complaints

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1.1 Identify the regulatory, requirements, code of practice and relevant guidance for managing concerns and complaints in own area of work.

The regulatory, requirements, code of practice and relevant guidance for managing concerns and complaints for the service within social services outlines the following aims:-

To resolve concerns and complaints as quickly and effectively as possible, informal at first, if this is not possible a formal investigation would be conducted in an open and none defensive way to ensure that all complaints and concerns are dealt with in accordance with the procedure’s within

All staff members are aware of the policy and procedure and are updated regularly ...view middle of the document...

Each complaint is dealt within the same way and there is set standards for any investigators of a complaint to abide by.

Having clear set guidelines the services enables the investigators and those implicated in the complaint understand their expectations of the process and feel comfortable that things are being carried out in a procedural manner.

The outcome of any complaint or concern may be able to benefit the service provision by leading to changes in policies or procedures or by changing the way support is provided for any individual within our service. It may also identify any additional training requirements within the staffing force.

The Care Quality Commission also monitor compliance with Standard 17 of the Essential Standards and these clearly state:

People who use services or others acting on their behalf:

●● Are sure that their comments and complaints are listened to and acted on effectively.
●● Know that they will not be discriminated against for making a complaint.

This is because providers who comply with the regulations will:
●● Have systems in place to deal with comments and complaints, including providing people who use services with information about that system.
●● Support people who use services or others acting on their behalf to make comments and complaints.
●● Consider fully, respond appropriately and resolve, where possible, any comments and complaints.

This means as a manager I need to ensure that I work with our customers in a way that promotes their understanding of the complaints procedure and this will ensure that:

●● A documented audit trail of the steps taken and the decisions reached is kept.
●● Consideration of the complaint is undertaken by staff who are competent to address the issues raised, provide honest explanations that are based on facts and include the reasons for the decisions made.
●● Whenever possible complaints are reviewed by someone not involved in the events leading to the complaint.
●● Comments and complaints are investigated and resolved to the satisfaction of the person raising the complaint unless:
– the complaint falls outside the remit of the provider’s responsibility
– the complaint cannot be upheld.
●● The service has clear procedures followed in practice, monitored and reviewed for dealing with unreasonably persistent complainants in a fair and consistent manner, but ensures that the point they...

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