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Developing And Maintaining Trust At Bwork

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Developing and maintaining trust at work
Trust is an integral part of forming a high performance team, “High performance teams can only operate in a climate of trust” [Tuckman]. There are many factors to look at when assessing how trust is built up and maintained, trust can’t occur without effective communication this should be good communication between all members of a team. For effective communication to occur each person within the team needs to feel free to communicate without repercussions or fear of being targeted or not listened to. Effective communication is not only verbal and also encompasses body language, active listening and effective interaction within a group.
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Before each staff meeting ground rules are outlined ensuring each person within the meeting is aware of the expected behaviours required of them.
Other factors that are imperative to the forming of trust within a team include equal opportunities for all staff to develop and achieve. A feeling of belonging that ensures no staff member feels isolated or excluded and a culture of respect for each other and having a leader who they feel is trustworthy. If within a group there is a strong bond of trust this can help build relationships and assist managers to create an effective and productive team. A manager’s behaviour is fundamental to developing trust and respect in the workplace, a manager should strive to follow the ‘CRAFT’ model if they wish to gain respect. This suggests that a manager should be seen by their employees as consistent, reasonable, approachable, fair and transparent in their working practices. I will look at one factor of craft and try to discuss how if a manager fails to behave appropriately then this will have a detrimental effect upon the team cohesion and levels of trust.
A manager must be transparent in their working practices, meaning staff should see them as open and honest, free from deceit with open, good communication, easily understood without hidden agendas. This transparency of management ensures that a manager’s employees can see clearly why decisions are made and understand the reasons behind the decision making. This ensured that staff felt more comfortable and aware of what is expected of them and that they will be treated fairly and consistently. If staff feel like this then trust of their manager is much more likely to occur. They will feel that you are approachable and they can come to you with concerns about work or even private and personal issues that may be in some way affecting their work practice. If a staff member was to come to their manager and disclose information of a personal nature during supervision and the manager did not maintain this information confidentially then this would be a breach of the data protection act [1998] and would have devastating effects on the perception of trust within the group.
The data protection act [1998] contains eight data protection principles and the breach of one of these principles would mean breaking the data protection act. Within residential child care the data protection act applies not only to the young people who are cared for but also to the employees working within the service. One of the eight principles is that any information and written copies of conversations that occur within supervision must be kept securely within a locked cabinet that only the managers have a key to. If a manager completed supervision notes and left these out on the side for anyone to read then this could have very detrimental effects on the level of trust and respect that an employee has for a manager. An example could be that a staff member discloses that they are having...

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