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Developing Social Perception Essay

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Developing Social Perception Skills in the Workplace
Matthew Bay
Organizational Behavior MAN5245
Professor Woods Mcafee

Developing Social Perception Skills in the Workplace
As a manager who is in charge of hiring employees and in charge of developing a training program it is essential for these individuals to be culturally sympathetic and have the ability to choose their words correctly so that they don’t violate fair hiring practices by discriminating against individuals based on gender race, religion, ethnicity, or disability. Before the interview process can take place the interviewer must determine their definition of self-perception. In general social perception is ...view middle of the document...

The interviewer also has the responsibility to maintain eye contact, give firm handshake, and ask open-ended question. By maintaining eye contact with the target the interviewer is able to form a perception of the prospect and determine if the target is honest, dishonest, or nervous. Open-ended questions allow for the interviewer to gain detailed information from the interviewee. Examples of open-ended questions include why should we hire you? why do you want to work for our company?, and why did you leave your last job? These forms of questions insure elaborate answers and allow the interviewer to form a perception of the interviewee and make a call on if the prospect will be a good fit for the company. Open-ended questions also generally avoid asking a question that could be classified as a discrematory question.
Many barriers can cloud social Perception. Some of these barriers include selective perception, stereotyping, first-impression error, and projection. Selective perception can be jaded if the interviewer forms a positive or negative bias of the individual based on some characteristic....

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