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Developing Team Effectiveness Essay

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I had just begun working with a pathology company who was having problems meeting the agreed turnaround times with their external customers, 2 major hospitals in the area (one public and one private). The company had set KPIs for each department with regards to certain tests and the time in which they were required to be reported to the hospitals. It was evident that these turnaround times were consistently not being met, and not only were the hospitals generating complaints, there was a monetary penalty for the organisation. The company was made up of many different sites in different cities; however this was the only one that was having these issues. It was ...view middle of the document...

Many of the team members were making statements about their area or other areas, without any proof that what they were saying was true.
This team was firmly stuck in the storming stage. As the majority of the team had been in the organisation for some time, there was quite a bit of history between them. The new member of the team was intimidated by the behaviour of the rest of the team, and was not participating at all. The inclusion of the team member that didn’t work at the site was a mystery to the team, and she seemed to be dominating a lot of the conversation within the meetings, without knowing exactly how this site worked. This was proving very frustrating to other members of the team, which contributed to the heightened emotion and aggressive behaviour. There was a wide variety of Beblins’ team roles filled by the team however they lacked a Monitor/Evaluator, Coordinator and a Resource/Investigator. I hoped that as the team developed I could help in the Coordinator role and the Monitor/Evaluator role.
Initially I began by implementing some rules with the team. It was important to reset the team expectations and behaviours. I also bought in a member of the IT department, as they were an expert in producing data from the computer system, and I felt could function as the Resource/Investigator. I ensured minutes of each meeting were taken, and began by allowing each member to outline their experience and what they hoped the team would achieve. I emphasised that each member must talk positively about why they were in the group, and it required me to stop any team member when they began to criticise the past meetings. This process was designed to reset the teams expectations, and for them to understand what other members in the team wanted to get out of the process. One important thing that came to light during this process was the motivation of the off site member. They were keen to grow their site, and wanted to get a picture of how to make sure that her site ran efficiently as it grew. She had been voicing her opinion trying to give the team a different perspective, however the rest of the team didn’t believe she should have been included in the group, therefore found her opinions unnecessary. It was important during this process of skills mapping to ensure that everyone participated. This was difficult to begin with, as many of the members knew each other well, and had worked together for years. Many of those team member felt that identifying their skills, experience and abilities was a waste of time, as everyone already knew them. To help get people participate I used the fact that I was new to the organisation as a driving force for this discussion. I also tried to lighten this conversation by asking each team member to let the rest of the team know one thing about them that the rest of the team wouldn’t already know, which made the long standing members intrigued and engaged in the conversation.
For the first few weeks the team...

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