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Developing Tourism In Australia Essay

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Developing Tourism in Australia
Everything has been changed during the last century, especially tourism. Australia tourism has been rapidly changed because of the impact of economic, social structures, demographic, technology and political climate. This essay will focus on the changing for Australia tourism in the early 20th Century as compared to a household in the early 21st Century.
In the early 20th Century, basing on Burton’s four phases of tourism participation (Weaver & Lawton,2010) Australia was in phases one. First of all, it is economic factor. Almost countries in the world were agrarian, subsistence and pre industrial at that time. There was a big gap between poor people and ...view middle of the document...

In the early 20th Century, there were many people in a family. Therefore, the household needed to take care for their family very hardly. The parents had to look after for many children, their life was not easy, and the money they earned just used to feed their family. So they did not think about enjoy their life such as travel or spend money for another thing. Moreover, technology is nearly zero in early 20th Century. There was no airport in Australia in early 20th Century. It was limited transport, almost people used horse to go around but it was took them very long time to move so it was a barrier for them to travel from place to place. When they want to move from continent to continent, they had to travel on a large ship months to months. The last factor is political. In early 1900s, there were two World Wars in the early 20th Century to assume the law was very strict to allow people move from a country to another country to travel and lack of safety. People were afraid to move around because they were not in secure. Beaumont (2003) said “Rather a description of Australia attitudes I argued Australians of the late twentieth century might find incomprehensible”. Because all of these factors, tourism was not developed in early 20th Century.
In 21st Century, according to the Burton’s four phases of tourism participation (Weaver & Lawton,2010) now Australia is in phase four, the highest level of development. First of all, it is economic factor. Few countries in the world are in this level. Fully industrialized and high technology is the strength of the country. The percent of wealth people is very high and almost people live in the city. According to Australia Bureau of Statistics 2013, an average person income is $1532 per week or an average household income is $2500 per week. For a young family, the disposable is very high, $1352 per week or $960 for a family with children. With that money, everyone can travel everywhere. Secondly, social factor is another factor that impacted tourism demand. For a country in phase four, the citizens have more benefits in the work place. They have 4 weeks paid for annual leave. Their vacations have been paid so people willing to travel than before. They can travel aboard every year and in long weekend they can travel domestic. Next, one of factor is demographic. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2013, the population was 23, 457, 080 people. This market is a big chance for tourism to develop. The size of family is reducing, less or no children in family; they do not need to take care for the children so the parents assume that have more time to spend on travel. Most people live in city, they want to travel to some place far away their home to relax after work, the tourism in...

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