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Developing Yourself And Others Essay

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Developing Yourself and Others: M3013
Identifying learning styles using recognised models
To identify my own learning style and that of my colleague I started by looking at the different recognised models including those of Howard Gardner, Alan Mumford and Peter Honey, David Kolb et al. Howard Gardner’s work on Multiple Intelligences struck a particular chord with me and appeared the most ‘in depth’ review when compared to Visual-Auditory-Kinaesthetic Learning Styles, although in truth there seems to be little empirical evidence supporting Gardner’s work or others’ in favour of Learning Styles.
Both I and my colleague Andrew filled in a multiple intelligences test each which was based on ...view middle of the document...

Internal - Strengths
External - Opportunities
Knowledge of technical systemsGood working relationship with staff at all levelsFlexibility of working schedule | WeaknessesUnfamiliarity with upwards structure of managementKnowledge of proven best practice in regards to management roles |
OpportunitiesInternal and external training, especially during closures1-2-1 mentoring with line managerBi-weekly meeting with managers | ThreatsRepeated closures resulting in minimal working hoursMiscommunication from aboveLoss in motivation due to stagnation in working from closures |
With regard to Andrew’s SWOT Analysis I thought it interesting to have him draw up his own and for me to create one for him as well, to see the difference in the positions.
Andrew’s own SWOT
StrengthsExperienceRelationship with colleaguesKnowledge for tours etc. | WeaknessesWork is for fun so unwilling to take on much responsibilityKnowledge of computersNot art trained |
OpportunitiesInternal trainingTime during closure for research | ThreatsAgeGiving up due to repeated closuresManagement |

My view of Andrew’s SWOT analysis
StrengthsPersonableExtent of knowledge of subject matterExcellent at giving talks and holding attentionPrevious experienceFlexibility in roles and hours | WeaknessesTechnical knowledgeNot looking for promotion |
OpportunitiesTrainingShadowing other departments for greater knowledge during tours | ThreatsRetirement |

Barriers to learning
Our workplace, Tate St Ives, is currently closed for refurbishment which has resulted in a severe drop in income for the organisation. As such Tate is very unwilling to spend extra money during this time. Extra money spent on external training or in people’s time is at a premium. In a fiscally aware company this is always the case, but is more obvious than ever currently.
This barrier could have been overcome by factoring in work-based learning to the initial closure budget. There is also funding available from various outside and/or governmental sources which Tate does use, but possibly not fully. This could be that paying people for the extra time to learn above their contracted hours is not possible.
During this current closure our staff are on minimum hours with no scope for overtime. Time for learning is therefore greatly reduced. Time, as a barrier to learning, is very much interlinked with cost. With more of a budget for staff development then more time could be allocated for the development to take place. Better use of time while at work could also help to open up opportunities for in-house training and learning.
Shift work
If not everyone is on the same or similar hours then trying to organise learning for people across the team is made more difficult. For some people it would happen in work time, for others during their own time. This can lead to unfair overtime allocation and disruption of home-work balance. This could be overcome with...

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