Development Of Bars Essay

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Behaviorally Anchored Ratings Scale (BARS) Guide

1. Acceptance of Supervision – Willingly accepts and follows instructions given by supervisor in the performance of duties; responds to training and coaching in a constructive manner.

|Rating |Possible Behavioral examples |
|Meets Expectation |Readily accepts and completes assigned responsibilities |
| |Attempts to improve performance following constructive criticism |
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Adaptability/Flexibility – Adapts readily to new situations and changes in the workplace; works well under pressure; learns and functions well under widely different situations and circumstances.

|Rating |Possible Behavioral examples |
|Meets Expectation |Readily adjusts to new situations and responsibilities |
| |Easily handles a wide variety of tasks, sometimes concurrently |
| |Readily comprehends new job related information |
| |Performs well under widely different and/or changing circumstances |
|Exceeds Expectation |Functions effectively under unusually high levels of mental or emotional stress |
| |Capable of assisting other staff with change while maintaining regular personal workload |
| |Conforms to changing demands with a positive attitude and skills |
|Does Not Meet Expectation |Has difficulty adjusting to changes in workload or assignments |
| |Becomes nervous or upset under normal job stress |
| |Loses composure under higher than normal stress level |
| |Lacks patience when dealing with more than one assignment |

3. Change Management – Openly supports change; motivates and encourages fellow employees to support change; successfully implements change in work unit.

|Rating |Possible Behavioral examples |
|Meets Expectation |Works hard to implement successful change in areas of responsibility |
| |Openly supports change |
| |Recommends and implements further changes to improve processes and customer service |
| |Encourages others to make changes |
| |Makes serious effort and takes responsible risk to improve processes |
|Exceeds Expectation ...

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