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Personal Identity
The rate at which a person grows and learns as an individual is all based on personal emotional and physical growth. While becoming into that person several things tie into what makes them into who they are. Gender is one of the most obvious examples of this. When meeting someone for the first time it is the first noticeable trait of a person. While it is difficult to determine what a person is going to be like just by their gender it is easy to see determine your idea of them. Social class and race is also an instant decision maker for people. What school they can attend, what friends they can make, what job they can get, and perception can all be factors of race and ...view middle of the document...

My previous school was diverse and had a bad reputation due to the amount of teen mothers in the town and school. The new school had a reputation of being “white trash” and the amount of dropouts. Adjusting to a new school is hard enough without having to worry about making new friends, but the reputation of my old school lead the wrong people my way. I quickly became somewhat of a loner even though that was not my personality at my previous school. The judgments the other students made about me before even speaking to me caused me to grow into a different person than I was before. I have become more independent because of that experience.
High school is a very ample time for a student to develop into who they are. A lot of interests and personality grows while in high school. Gender can be a very large factor on how a student becomes who they are and how they got that way. Gender has an affect on students learning ability and growth, it is a proven fact that girls minds mature faster than boys are. While I was in high school I took notice to my own observation. When asked questions that involved a lengthy answer females tend to elaborate more with their response while males see the big picture and not the details, usually involving a shorter answer. This can make things particularly hard for example when writing an essay such as this.
A student’s gender as an individual not only affects social status and how they learn, it can also limit or propel specific activities. It is more common for men, especially in high school, to participate more in sports and physical activities. While social pressures play a big part on what is acceptable for a man or a woman to do it also comes from their ability to do it. A lot of that ability comes from the strength and endurance that men are naturally installed with. Women do have this also but their social skills are far more advanced than men are so women tend to use that to their advantage participating in fundraisers and class offices.
Gender affects so much more than just learning and things in school. Gender can affect a type of job a person get can be due to their sex. Race is another thing that can affect that. While the world is evolving and becoming more willing to hire different races and sometimes prefer diversity getting there may not be as easy for some as it is for others. A poor black person really has a fight against all odds to make it into something more in the world today. With race and social class against them, they have to have the mind frame to get through the judgments and notions that are there.
“If I made myself American-pretty so that the five or six Chinese boys in the class fell in love with me, everyone else- the Caucasian, Negro, and Japanese boys- would too.” The lack of acceptance for a different race or somebody different in another way is astonishing in schools and workplaces. To want to be somebody different just to fit in and be accepted or the want to...

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