Development Of Social Media In China

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Social network sites (SNSs) have the potential to fundamentally change the character of our social lives, both on an interpersonal and a community level. Changes in interaction patterns and social connections are already evident among young people, who are the heaviest users of these sites. As adoption spreads to a wider audience, we expect such changes to be amplified across all segments of society. According to the latest statistics released by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union), the global netizen population had reached 2.08billion by the end of 2010.That is approximately 30% of the world population. Global ...view middle of the document...

It was the start of atrial period in China’s Internet development, when there were only a few thousand Internet users among a billion citizens. 1994 to 2003 was the incubation period, when BBS, customer review sites and instant messaging all began to integrate with netizens’ lives. From 2004 onward, blogging, online video, social networks, Wiki, the microblog, location based service and group purchase all burst onto the social media scene. The landscape of social media became ever more complex and netizens’ understanding of social media grew ever deeper. From 2011, all of these diverse social media platforms began to cooperate and integrate with one another.
China has over 360 million Internet users, more than any other country, and an astounding 162 million bloggers. The growth of Internet access has dramatically increased the information available, the variety and timeliness of the news, and its national and international reach. Facebook holds sway as the default social network in many parts of the world across all Internet demographics. In China, where Facebook is blocked, a handful of homegrown social networks attract segmented audiences, ranging from upmarket urban youth to university students and migrant workers. As we observe internet at a glance, there are about fifteen top social networking sites in China: Qzone, RenRen, Pengyou, Sina Weibo, Kaixin001,, Douban, Taomee, Tencent Weibo, Jiayuan, Tao Jianghu, Bai Shehui, Zhenai, Baihe, iPartment.
The Renren Network (literally "Everyone's Website"), formerly known as Xiaonei Network (literally "on-campus network") is a Chinese social networking service that exists as the Chinese remake of Facebook. It has been called the Facebook of China, popular amongst college students. In February 2011, Renren made a pre-IPO announcement that it had 160 million registered users. Later, in April 2011, it had to update its statement accurately to "a total of 31 million active monthly users." Xiaonei was founded by Joseph Chen in 2005. In March 2008, Xiaonei launched its WAP version, which users can access through mobile phones. Xiaonei features an instant messaging service designed typically for its users using XMPP, which is more popular than Facebook chat. In August 2009, Xiaonei officially changed its name to Renren, as well as its domain to In July 2007, Xiaonei officially facilitated its Open Platform, allowing third parties to integrate with platform by rendering modifications and adding functionalities. The APIs Xiaonei listed are quite similar with those Facebook provided, and some of Xiaonei's developers are developing based on the SDK of Facebook. Renren is a typical SNS with a variety of functions with its own characteristics. Most functions are just the same as those in Facebook, so Renren is also called "Chinese Facebook". In general, it is updated once or twice a year when the system's functions require rectification and further development. In addition, it changes...

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