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Development Of Stringent Rules & Regulations By The Governments On Food Safety Testing

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Food Testing Market shall witness 8.4% CAGR growth until 2018 owing to the increased number of tests that will be conducted. According to IndustryARC, Food Testing Market which includes the food safety testing market is expected to grow at a healthy growth rate of around 6% during the forecast period until 2018.


Leading equipment: Chromatographs and Spectrometers.
The combination of both the equipment Chromatographs and Spectrometers is being developed frequently by the manufacturers to enhance the food testing capabilities in the analytical laboratories, which would save lot of energy, time and resources.

Instrument Wise: IR types of ...view middle of the document...

• Rapid advanced technologies are propelling the market because traditional methods are time consuming and labor intensive.
• Key growth strategy for the major testing products and laboratory service providers is introduction of low cost analytical instruments for market penetration and aggressive expansion by investment in new laboratory openings.

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Brief on Regional Outlook: Fastest Growing CAGR Rate Observed in China, APAC.
Studies confirm APAC to be the most potential market of the forecast period owing to the fact of fast growing rates in this region during the recent past and present day. China will be the most rapid country from APAC owing to the increasing demand for food safety from consumers, producers, manufacturers as well as regulators. The extremely high population of the country is set to drive the market demand.
Also, Australia is witnessing increased food borne diseases lately which is leading to focusing on food testing market by the government and also private organizations of this region.

REPORT SCOPE: Market Segmentation:
The Food Testing Market is segmented into broad 6 types after analyzing the entire industry in depth depending on the following 6 factors:
1. By Testing Type
2. By Pathogen Type
3. By Geography
4. By Food Products
5. By Food Type
6. By Testing Technique

The report shows the complete classifications of the above into sub categories based on certain deciding factors.

Key Market Players: Agilent Technologies, Shimadzu Corp, PerkinElmer and Thermo Fisher Scientific
Global players mentioned above are facing quality competition from companies in China like Beijing Purkinje General Instrument, Focused Photonics Inc, Beifen-Ruili Analytical Instrument Group, and Shanghai Techcomp Instrument Ltd in the laboratory analytical instrumentation market.

To mention some top players of this market which are studied and analyzed in the business perspective by IndustryARC within the forecast period:

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