Development Through The Life Stages Essay

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Life Factor | Genetic | Biological | Environmental | Socio-economic | Lifestyle |
The causes of the life factor | Down Syndrome | Foetal alcohol syndrome | Bullying | Peer groups | Smoking |
The effect on the development on an individual (PIES) | The physical side effect to a child with down syndrome is that they have a small nose and they have a flat nasal bridge, they also have a small mouth, their eyes slant either upwards or downwards. They have weak muscle tone which means they are very floppy; they have big hands and have short fingers. They may have a weight problem which will cause them to put on weight and will affect how they do activities if they start to get overweight and ...view middle of the document...

For social, they have a lot of socialization problems which causes difficulty to build and maintain friendships. | The physical side effect is that it can affect the way a person can act, they may resort into eating disorders especially girls. There may be the physical signs, for example bruising around the neck or arms, also scratches and scars. For intellectual, this can affect the way they are towards education if they are being bullied during school, they will not want to attend school so they can get away from the bullies, this will then effect there future. For emotional, it is an emotional distress, which will cause a lot of physical and emotional pain to them. For social, this will affect how they will interact with other people; due to them being bullied they may find it hard to trust other people and to also want to become friends in case they are bullied again. This will affect how they develop in the future because they may start to isolate themselves from people if they believe they are not strong enough to stand up for themselves | The physical side may have positive and negative sides to peer groups, if you’re in a group and everyone in the group is skinny, it may lead to that person losing weight in a way they should which would affect the body functioning. For intellectual, the groups may tend to be distracted with work which will allow them to fall behind on their work and affect their future. For other groups, it may be different and they may all work together to help each other with work and to achieve what they came to education for. For emotional, the groups may lead to becoming violent towards other people which will bring out aggression in them, they may also have a friendly group which won’t do any harm to people. For social, being in groups will give them the opportunity to develop their social skills, which includes leadership, teamwork or sharing. | The physical side effect is they will have a reduce the performance at all the physical training they will do. They have a higher risk of heart attacks/ strokes and will have a higher heart resting rates than non-smokers. It may also affect the financial strain which will cause more worry on a person especially if they have low income. For intellectual, smoking will lead a person to not concentrate for long; it may also lead for the person to be affected mentally. For emotional, the smoking will relieve the stress that they will be building up. For social, it can be a social activity which people will be able to interact with one another when they are outside smoking, sometimes depending on the people, it may cause negativity on relationships. |
Can the factor be identified before the birth of a baby | Antenatal screening can be given at 13 weeks to determine the likelihood of the baby developing or developed the condition. | When the women goes for her monthly check-ups, they can notice the child’s development growth and they will know when the baby is born whether...

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