Development Through The Stages Of Life

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Development through the life stages

This is when development of the embryo starts, when the sperm meets the egg. Women who are trying to get conceive stop drinking, smoking and taking drugs (even over the counter ones) to ensure their body is fully ready for pregnancy. At this time women also try to get in the right mind set so that they are not only physically ready but also mentally as pregnancy and birth can be a traumatic experience and they need to be able to keep sane and not and not succumb mental trauma it can cause. Emotional stability is also a big thing a women needs to consider when she is trying to conceive because she needs to be in control of her emotions as ...view middle of the document...

It can also cause emotional stress, even if they are excited, as adjustment to motherhood as well as financial demands of having a baby can cause the mother to stay awake and worry about it. Due to the extra hormones it can cause an influx in emotions commonly known as mood swings and this can be distressing to the woman because she may worry that her partner will be effected by her mood swings and cause problems with their relationship, during these mood swings the mother should be assured that it is normal and that people won’t see her any differently.
Pregnancy can actually have a negative effect on their social lives, while their close friends may be excited and happy for the expecting mother, others completely disregard their friends and stop inviting them out and regularly talking to them, people often associate this shift in friendship due to jealousy but it does have its positive side as it helps reveal who the true friends are that will support the woman during her pregnancy.
The second trimester is comfiest part of pregnancy as the symptoms start to fade and the mother can begin to actually enjoy being pregnant though heartburn and leg cramps can occur. At this stage the woman would start to show and the baby bump would become more defined, during this trimester the woman can also go for an ultrasound which can reveal the gender of the baby if they please. Seeing the baby during an ultrasound can help the parents form a bond with the baby as they can see it and be able to acknowledge that it is real. They may also begin to talk to the baby so it can become familiar and comfortable with its parents’ voices and be soothed by them.

After this comes the third and final trimester, at this point the mother will be going to frequent check-ups, where the doctor checks the baby’s heartbeat and check the mothers blood pressure. During this trimester the mother may go to birthing classes so she can educate herself on what to do during the birth and how to deal with the pain and also the stages of labour and the delivery options. Also during this time, the baby will shift into an upside down position so it can be birthed easier, the cervix will also alter and change in preparation for birth.

Birth is when the baby has reached full term is ready to come out and labour begins. A woman usually knows she is going into labour as she experiences contractions, however she could actually be experiencing Braxton hicks which are almost like a practice labour for her as she would be feeling some contractions but not the amount she would feel during the actual labour.
During labour her waters will break and the contractions would become stronger and more frequent. The contractions allow her to become more dilated meaning that the baby can come out easier.
There are different ways a woman can go through the birthing process, many women have a birthing plan in which they have stated how they would like to give birth, detailing whether...

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