Developmental Assessment Of Childhood Essay

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Developmental Assessment of Childhood: PRECIOUS

The film Precious is an emotional movie that deals with the unfortunate realities of everyday life for some individuals. The film that stares Gabourey Sidibe who plays the main character Clarice “Precious” Jones is based out of Harlem in the year of 1987. Precious is a sixteen year-old obese and uneducated teenager whom has had to grow up in a severely dysfunctional family environment. Her mother verbally and physically abuses her, often times using her as a personal servant. Her father has been sexually abusing her since childhood, and has impregnated her twice. Precious has lived with the ugly truth that because of her weight, ...view middle of the document...

According to______, “Children who have been maltreated or abused are at risk for experiencing a host of mental health problems, including disassociate identity disorder. “Dissociative identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder) is an effect of severe trauma during early childhood, usually extreme, repetitive physical, sexual, or emotional abuse” ( mark, 2013). “…The person literally dissociates himself from a situation or experience that's too violent, traumatic, or painful to assimilate with his conscious self” (blah blah, 2918). Many times through out the movie, Precious frees herself from trauma by fantasizing. An example of this in the film would be when her father is sexually abusing her, and she starts to imagine herself as a movie star on the red carpet. There was also a scene in the movie where Precious was looking at an old photo of her mother Mary. She imagined the picture coming to life where her mom spoke encouraging and loving words to her. “Disassociation comes as a survival skill of great value in response to trauma and abuse in a human’s mind” (blank, 2013).

When taking a look at Precious’ situation from a Bio-psycho-social standpoint, there are various things to look at including biological status, social status, and psychological status. In the movie, the main biological issue with Precious is her weight. Many times in the movie she has turned to food for comfort and relief. There is a scene in the movie where Precious steals and then consumes a whole bucket of fried chicken, and later vomits her food up. It is said that “Certain circumstances relating to sexual trauma have been associated with heightened eating disorder symptoms in particular, including if the sexual trauma involved parents or if it occurred more than once” (Murray and Waller, 2002). In the film, it is also obvious that Precious is not happy with her physical looks. At one point in the movie, Precious looks in the mirror, and sees a slim, blue-eyed blonde. This evidently shows that she sees herself as she wants to be, rather than what she really is.

The next assessment is the Psychological assessment. Precious has experienced Sexual abuse from her father and physical abuse from her mother since she was a baby. Precious has flashbacks, low self-esteem, socialization problems, and depression. These are all signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). According to Merriam Webster online dictionary, PTSD is “ a psychological reaction that occurs after experiencing a highly stressing event (as wartime combat, physical violence, or a natural disaster) outside the range of normal human experience and that is usually characterized by depression, anxiety, flashbacks, recurrent nightmares, and avoidance of reminders of the event” (citation). Despite the traumatic issues she was dealing with, she managed to show resilience in some ways. “I'm gonna break through or somebody gonna break through to me” (movie quote). Although...

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