Developmental Ready For Philosophy Of Adult Education Course Objectives

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Philosophy of Adult Education Course Objectives

Burns, R. 2002, The adult learner at work the challenges of lifelong education in the new millennium, 2nd edition. Crows Nest, New South Wales. Allen & Unwin.

1. p. 229 (Additive - Objective # 2)

These goals are possible only where individuality is an asset, where belonging and acceptance are supreme, where there are opportunities to explore and gain self-understanding, where there is trust, dignity and security and where self-confidence, self-reliance, originality, responsibility and independence are encouraged. It is only in this sort of learning that a person is open to experience and therefore capable ...view middle of the document...

249). It might be better to use such characteristics in a more limited way to offer a framework for thinking about what and how adults learn. Such approaches might be contrasted with those that focus on changes in consciousness (e.g. Mezirow 1983, 1990; or Freire, 1970 - see below).Knowles makes extensive use of a model of relationships derived from humanist clinical psychology - and, in particular, the qualities of good facilitation advocated by Carl Rogers (see below). This means that there is a rather confused human deficit model lurking in the background of his ideas.

3. p. 231 (Additive - Objective # 2)

Adults can judge the value of a learning and its relevance to their own lives. The teacher of an adult functions best as a resource person who views the learning process as a cooperative endeavour. That is not to say that the learner possesses knowledge equal to that of the teacher but that the teacher respects and values the experiences of the adult student and uses them as a basis to advance the learning process.
Denton, V.L. 1993, Booker T. Washington and the adult education movement. #15 Northwest 15th Street, Gainesville, FL. USA. University Press of Florida

4. p. 192 (Additive - Objective # 1)

In the context of adult education, Kallen argued that the American idea, based on the “American creed”, it has been a "directive" to adult education in private lives, the nation's history at home, and our democratic cooperation with foreign countries, giving substance to the teaching and the behavior of adults.

According to Kallen, adult education has moved, toward Henry Adams's concept of education and expressed by Robert Peers: "to help men and women to work out for themselves an effective attitude to life based on wider knowledge, to discover a philosophy which will enable them to face up to life's problems individually and collectively.

5. p. 202 (Additive - Objective # 1)

Malcolm Knowles wrote in a 1964 article that adult education has deep historical roots. Noting that the movement might be the educational frontier of the twentieth century, Knowles traced the beginnings of adult education to Confucius, Isaiah, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Jesus Christ--all teachers of mature adults rather than children.

The working class spearheaded the adult education movement in Sweden, and it was centralized in labor unions, temperance societies, cooperative associations, and the Social Democratic party. Adult education in Great Britain was rooted in labor unions, workers' education, voluntary organizations, local education authorities, and universities. Totalitarian countries have characteristically used adult education as an instrument of government to propagate political philosophy, Knowles reported. As early as the colonial period, adult education was evidenced in town meetings and colonial legislatures, teaching the tools of liberty and self-government.

6. p. 204-207 (Additive -...

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