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Developments In Mineral Separation Have Much Knowledge To Be Known

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Since the first dense media cyclone was patented in 1858, there are many developments in mineral separation occurring, using metal chloride salts dissolved in water. To grasp the knowledge of the developments in mineral separation can makes a good sense of mining industry, which is helpful for the growth of the industry.

The Chance Process using water and sand was patented in 1917 and was first applied to cleaning bituminous ore in 1925. Although the Conklin Process using magnetite as the medium was tried with anthracite in 1922, it was not until 1938 that the Tromp Process for magnetite medium was used commercially. The purposes of these and other developments were to improve the ...view middle of the document...

A thermal dryer installation may cost 25-30% of the cost of a mineral separation machine. The cost of ore cleaning itself may be 15-25% of the cost of mining the ore. The obvious question then, is mineral separation worth it?

Because ore is nonhomogenous, and the preparation machine must process what the mining sections produce, mineral separation machines must be capable of handling a feed material with widely varying properties. This arises due to variations in the mining conditions and raw ore quality. Also, dilution material and ore quality variations due to difference in inherent seam quality occur. Additionally, particle segregation and storage cause crushing and uneven ore size distribution to the machine circuit. These can cause raw feed to vary by as much as 20%. This directly affects the quality by changing the relative ratio of the product for the various unit operations in the cleaning machine.

Additionally, process upsets due to wear, lack of unit availability, flow interruptions, etc. are unpredictable. To adequately handle this type of operation – which is the daily prep machine regime – and to achieve maximum ore recovery, maximum ash and sulfur rejection at minimal costs,...

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