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Device To Device Communication In 5g Cellular Networks: Challenges, Solutions, And Future Directions

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Device-to-Device Communication in
5G Cellular Networks: Challenges,
Solutions, and Future Directions
Mohsen Nader Tehrani, Murat Uysal, and Halim Yanikomeroglu

In a conventional cellular system, devices are
not allowed to directly communicate with each
other in the licensed cellular bandwidth and all
communications take place through the base stations. In this article, we envision a two-tier cellular network that involves a macrocell tier (i.e.,
BS-to-device communications) and a device tier
(i.e., device-to-device communications). Device
terminal ...view middle of the document...

drastic growth of bandwidth-hungry applications
such as video streaming and multimedia file
sharing are already pushing the limits of current
cellular systems. In the next decade, envisioned
media-rich mobile applications such as tele-presence and 3D holography will require data rates
simply not possible with fourth generation (4G)
The ever growing demand for higher data
rates and capacity require unconventional thinking for the next generation (5G) cellular systems.
Cooperative communications has such promise!

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Cooperative communications represent a new
class of wireless communication techniques in
which network nodes help each other in relaying
information to realize spatial diversity advantages. This new transmission paradigm promises
significant performance gains in terms of link
reliability, spectral efficiency, system capacity,
and transmission range. Cooperative communication has been extensively studied in the literature, and fixed terminal relaying (which involves
the deployment of low-power base stations to
assist the communication between the source
and the destination) has already been included
in the 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE)Advanced standard [1].
Fixed terminal relaying brings improvements
in cellular systems, but the full potential of cooperation can be realized only through the implementation of device relaying. The term device
here refers to a cell phone or any other portable
wireless device with cellular connectivity (tablet,
laptop, etc) a user owns. Device relaying makes
it possible for devices in a network to function as
transmission relays for each other and realize a
massive ad hoc mesh network. This, of course, is
possible with device-to-device (D2D) communication functionality, which allows two nearby
devices to communicate with each other in the
licensed cellular bandwidth without a base station (BS) involved or with limited BS involvement. This is obviously a dramatic departure
from the conventional cellular architecture.
In the first four generations of cellular networks, D2D communication functionality has
not been considered. This is largely because it
has mainly been envisioned as a tool to reduce
the cost of local service provision, which used to
be fractional in the past based on the cellular
operators’ market statistics. The operators’ attitude toward D2D functionality has been changing recently because of several trends in the
wireless market [2]. For example, the number of
context-aware services and applications is growing rapidly. These applications require location
discovery and communication with neighboring
devices, and the availability of such a functionality would reduce the cost of communication

IEEE Communications Magazine • May 2014

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among devices. D2D functionality can also play
a vital role in mobile cloud computing and facilitate effective...

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