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Devil And Tom Walker Essay

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The Devil and Tom Walker: Religious Symbolism , and Gothic Literature

This story was written in 1820 , Washington Irving's story retells the European tale of Faust, a scholar who sold his soul for wisdom. Tom Walker, Washington Irving's American Faust, has no interest in wisdom however; he only seeks money and is into fortune. Irving may have set this story in an earlier America, but he revealed the materialism of his own era. This story contains a lot of Religious Symbolism , and Gothic Literature because the story itself is an allegory meant to represent a larger or morally significant idea. The moral in this story is the struggle of being greedy, which Tom Walker is, and he was ...view middle of the document...

However, at first Tom resisted the temptation and refuses to make a deal with the devil. After that happened Tom's wife gets extremely mad with him and decides to "make a deal" with the devil herself. after she is "taken" away and to never be seen again that is when tom comes to make his deal with the Old Scratch and becomes a usurer (someone who charges extreme interest for loans; similar to a cash advance business in today's society) (e-text Irving 1) Basically making people suffer because when he loans money to someone they have to pay so much interest that either way they will end up "losing" basically enslaving people to himself and the devil because of their money problems and making Tom Walker extremely wealthy in the process that he pursues with the help of the devil.

What's odd about this story is the way Tom Walker tries to find a way to hide from the devil or avoid being taken from the devil is that Tom Walker now tries to be the ultimate Christian and believes that if he praises in high voice and if he attends the service all the time and carries a bible with him around to every part he steps at that the devil can not touch him . For the time being he was correct that the devil could not hurt him while he was in the church and while he had the holy bible in his hands. But Tom Walker speaks out into the crowd at church as a black man says that Tom is waiting for the "burning" and that he is ready for it . "This woodland belonged to me long before one of your white-faced race put foot upon the soil."(Irving 232) Says the old man. Tom replies saying "and pray, who are you, if I may be so bold?"(Irving 232) He asked the old black man what his name was and the black man says "I go

by various names. I am the wild huntsman in some countries; the black miner in others, In this neighborhood I am known by the name of the black woodsman.[...]"(Irving 232)

However, Tom was caught up in an altercation one day with some people who he had been leeching money from over time because of the loans that he said "May The Devil take me , if I have made a farthing" (Irving 238) because he kept on denying the truth in front of these people and then as he said those words there were three loud knocks at the street door. Tom stepped out to see who is was and there was the Black man ,...

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