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Devil In The White City Part One

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Mr. Baltman
The Devil In The White City Part 1
Leah Willoughby
1)Daniel Burnham: Moved to Chicago when he was nine years old. Was very bright, but had test anxiety and failed to get in to Yale or Harvard. Burnham went through many careers before settling down in a firm with partner, John Root.
2)John Root: Musical prodigy. Was accepted to Oxford, but before he could get there his father summoned him back home. He became Daniel Burnham’s partner in a firm. Began drafting the world’s fair, but before work started he passed away from pneumonia.
3)Frank Millet: An old friend of Burnham’s. Burnham thinks about him and tries to contact him while he is on a cruise, ...view middle of the document...

9)H. H. Holmes, previously known as Mudgett, was bullied as a child and became interested in medicine through a rather traumatizing experience. He moved around, found a pharmacy in Chicago to work for an old couple, Mr. and Ms. Holton. Mr Holton died of cancer and Holmes murdered Ms Holton. He turned the pharmacy into his own. He bought a lot across the street and coerced people to work for him with his charm, hardly ever paying his workers. It is foreshadowed that Holmes will do something drastic, but as of now, we know he is collecting insurance money. He does this by convincing people it’s a good idea, and then killing them, so he is the beneficiary, collecting all of their life insurance.
10) Ms. Holton: A nice elderly lady who owns a pharmacy in Englewood with her husband. She hires Holmes to work for her. Within a year, her husband passes from Cancer. Holmes kills Ms. Holton after her husband’s death in order to take over the pharmacy.
SOCRATIC QUESTION: Do you think Holmes will ever do anything more drastic than he is now? Anything more obvious or dramatic? Because as of right now he’s doing everything secretively.
SOCRATIC ANSWER: I feel like Holmes will do something, maybe publically. I don’t think someone could get to this level and be content without going further. From what I’ve heard, some psychopaths are proud of what they do. Maybe he’ll want to be known for his ingenious killings.

So far in this book, there have been aspects that I...

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