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Constitution WebquestThe Romans believed that government can only survive with active, informed citizens. Let us continue this tradition. This webquest will help you be an educated citizen about the U.S. Constitution. Take this responsibilty seriously, but have fun on the journey!ProcessBeing an informed citizen is hard work. It requires effort and desire. As citizens of the United States, it is our responsibility to be educated and informed to keep our country strong. Use this webquest to help you achieve your responsibilities as a U.S. citizen.The highlighted words or terms serve as links to a websites...please use all of the carefully selected sites to help you gain insight and ...view middle of the document...

Judicial Review is: Review by the US Supreme Court of the constitutional validity of a legislative act.6. Federalism is:The federal principle or system of government.Take a look at these websites (the first is easier!) three branches #1 three branches #2 about the U.S. Constitution and the THREE BRANCHES of Government. You may want to come back to this frequently to help you answer many of the questions in this webquest!!7. The three branches of government are: Legislative , Executive , and Judicial8. Each branch has certain powers. List at least three powers for each branch. Legislative 1.Make Laws 2.provide advice and consent for appointment of federal judges and Supreme Court justices 3.Declare war on foreign countries or powers. Executive 1.Proposes laws 2.Calls congress into special session when necessary 3.Meets with the head-state. Judicial 1.has the power to declare actions unconstitutional 2. interpret treaties when checking the president 3. When checking Congress, the judicial branch has power to decide laws unconstitutional.Watch the "Three Branches Presentation" by clicking on the link. We will then use the Promethean Board to assess knowledge by group. Three Branches Game. Three Branches PresentationThe PreambleRead about the PREAMBLE : Preamble9. Make a prediction: What is the purpose of the Preamble? Read. Was your prediction accurate? Why or why not?Listen to the Preamble Song10. You must memorize the preamble. Use the song to help you! Let one of us know when you are ready to recite the preamble. It does not have to be done in front of the class this time!The ArticlesLearn about the Articles of the Constitution below:11. ARTICLE I sets up the Legislative Branch.12. Congress has many responsibilities. Prioritize and list 4 responsibilities you think are the most important. Provide a reason why you think each responsibility is so important.13. Check out this web site to learn about the process of CONGRESS' Most important job!Draw a diagram showing the steps of this important job! Use construction paper (partner) or Microsoft Word SmartArt (individual).House of Representatives #1 House of Representatives #214. The term of service is________2 Years_______________.15. A Representative must be at least ______25_______ years old.16. A citizen of the ______U.S._________ for at least __7 Years_______.17. Our Representative for EDISON is:___________Robert E. Andrews__________________________18. Click on our Representative's name. Next, click on "Issues." Identify two issues that our Representative is currently working on. Describe his/her position on each one.a._______________________________________________b._______________________________________________18. There are ______435______ total Representatives in the United States.19. The number of Representatives is decided by __________________New Jersey __________________. The current number of Representatives in New Jersey is ______.Try your hand at being a Representative before moving...

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