Diabetes Mellitus Quiz (Paper)

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Diabetes Mellitus Quiz (Paper)

Metformin is a good oral glycemic agent used for treatment of DM and new research from the US Diabetes Prevention Program ( DPP) shows that it can aid in delaying the onset of the disease when used in patients who are at high risk. Some of the high risk patients include those that are overweight or obese, have a family history, had gestational diabetes or are African American. The study uses 3 groups of people, a placebo group, a intensive lifestyle group and a metformin group. Appoximitely 3000 people have been used in this study and 85% of the original group study continued on in further studies. Approimitely 45% of the group were minorities ethnic ...view middle of the document...

Did the article add to your understanding of Diabetes? How? Why not? This article was more about the benefits of usuing metformin for the high risk patients. It did not add to my understanding of Diabetes as a whole. I have had Gestational Diabetes 3 times and have been diagnosed as pre diabetic. Therefore I have a pretty good grasp on what Diabetes is and how it can affect my body. The interesting information to me was that the metformin can be used to help delay the onset of the actual DM and not just for treatment.
Would you recommend the article to other healthcare providers? Why? Yes, I would recommend this article to other healthcare providers. If there is a possible way to prevent the onset or at least delay it, then I feel it is definitely worth a chance. I personnaly plan on talking to my doctor about the possibility of taking metformin now and not waiting till the disease is in full blown form. Starting the medicine now, could delay the onset as well as delaying all the secondary problems that come along with the diagnosis of DM. It can prevent or delay some of the damage to the kidneys, heart, liver and pancrease. It has not been proven as of yet, but they are also looking into the benefits it may have in prevention of microvascular problems. This areticle is definitely worth sharing.
Would you recommend this article to diabetic patients? Why? Yes, I would recommend this article to DM patients. High risk patients need to know about the possible benefits of this medicine. A lot of the patients that are classified as high risk for DM will have some genetic predisposion to the disorder. Therefore they may have seen a loved one who was extremely ill and possible died from DM. If they have a chance to reduce the risk of getting it themselves or at least delay the onset, then I feel that is important to share with people. Some people know they are high risk and try to diet and exercise and it is still hard...

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