Diagnosis And Treatments Essay

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Diagnosis and Treatments
BEH 225
May 19, 2012

Diagnosis and Treatments
Autism is a psychological disorder that affects approximately one in five-hundred children (Morris & Maisto, 2002). It is a significant disorder that is characterized by deficits in social impairments and abnormal motor behaviorisms. While there is no known cause to this disorder, it is believed that autism may stem from biological factors.
Over the years Autism was speculated to have a link between vaccines that were administered to the children because of possible mercury exposure containing Thimersosal (Love to Know Everything You'd Love to Know, 2011). However, the U.S. Court of Federal ...view middle of the document...

Currently children who are diagnosed with Autism are able to be treated in some manners however in most cases children with Autism need to find a way to adapt to their surroundings. Various forms of therapy are found to be a successful form of treatment in the help of children adapting to their surroundings.
The most common form of therapy for families that have a member diagnosed with Autism is speech therapy. Speech therapy is used to teach Autism individuals what to say and when is the appropriate time to say it versus the normal of how to pronounce words. This teaches autistic individuals how to hold normal conversations and to understand the dialogue that is happening (Ezine @rticles, 2011).
Another form of therapy that is found to be effective is social skills therapy. This helps an individual diagnosed with autism to live a possible normal life. Social skills therapy introduces autistic individuals to how to relate to the world around them. In most cases, it allows for a person to know what to do in different circumstances. For example, it may teach a person how to react to a fire. Not all circumstances are pleasurable for an Autistic person, in some cases the individual may feel comfortable and in some cases the individual may feel uncomfortable. Social skills also develop a better understanding of logic and focus (Ezine @rticles, 2011).
In conjunction of therapy, there are also medications that can be used to help reduce the symptoms of behavioral Autism. Medications such as anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, and stimulants are used to reduce symptomatic autism. Anti-depressants are found to be...

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