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Diamon Star Motors A Design Of Perfection

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Diamond Star Motors On January 2 2002, the motion picture about street racing titled the "Fast and The Furious" was released on DVD. Many that have watched this fast paced movie, come to the conclusion that the cars pictured throughout were just short of being awesome. The cars raced in the movie where modified compact cars. Racing cars has been around since the late fifty's when your father raced his big block down the drag strip for pure glory. Though with a younger generation of car enthusiasts, people have started using today's technology to modify four-cylinder and six-cylinder compact cars complete with cars that use eight-cylinder engines Throughout America and over the entire ...view middle of the document...

By the beginning of 1989, DSM was producing the first vehicles ( Diamond Star Motors gave you three models to choose from ( The cars are the same in every mechanical aspect. There are only a few changes in the body of the cars. The cars where given different names though to satisfy the needs of both car companies, Mitsubishi and Chrysler. Diamond Star Motors stopped production of the Plymouth Laser in 1993 and the Eagle Talon in 1997, both because of lack of sales ( The Diamond Star Motors Mitsubishi Eclipse was produced until 1999 when Mitsubishi's contract ended and they went on to produce there own sports car without the aid of Chrysler(dsmtalk).The Car From the factory a DSM car came with three power plants the 1.8liter normally aspirated, the 2.0liter normally aspirated and the 2.0liter turbo. A DSM car also had different trim options to soot each person's need for luxury and performance. The Mitsubishi Eclipse had the RS, GS, GST and GSX models to choose from. The RS was the luxury version. The RS has the small 1.8liter engine, but is loaded with luxury items. The GS was the sportier version of the RS with the larger 2.0liter engine. The GST and GSX trim where the performers. These two models included the 2.0liter turbo the GSX included the all wheel drive feature. The Eagle Talon had the LS, TSI and TSI AWD models to choose from. Like the Eclipse, the LS is the luxury version with the 1.8liter engine. The TSI and TSI AWD where the sportier versions, which had the 2.0liter turbo engine, and the TSI AWD included the all wheel drive feature. The Plymouth Laser, like the Eagle Talon, had three trim options to choose from, which were the RS, RST, and RSAWD. The Laser RS follow the Eclipse RS and the Talon LS by being the luxury car and including the 1.8-liter engine. The RST and RSAWD where the 2.0liter turbo engine models, with the RSAWD having all wheel drive( As for changes in the car throughout the years, there where only two style changes that occurred. The first change happened in 1992 when Diamond Star Motors went from headlights that rose out of the hood to headlights that where permanently mounted. The second change occurred in 1995. Diamond Star Motors almost completely altered the look of the car. They widened the wheelbase, shortened the car, and rounded it out to make it more aerodynamic and give it a more rounded out appearance. Now, because of this, there is two generations of a Diamond Star Motors automobile. The first generation being the 1989 to 1994 models and the second generation being the 1995 to 1999 model which started after the major style change. The mechanical changes between the two generations are few and far between. The first-generation had the most changes. The 1993 to 1994 models had a stronger, better transmission, a four-bolt rear end on the all wheel drive models and stronger, larger axels. These models also included an upgraded brake system over the 1989 to...

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