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Diamond Mining And Uses Essay

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Diamonds are used in countless ways. They are used in manufacturing and medicine to create top-quality scalpels and machinery, for diamonds are the hardest substances known to man and offer the highest accuracy in tools. They also come in several colors, despite the traditional belief that they are merely one transparent shade, and are very popular in the jewelry industry. Though expensive, they can be obtained synthetically for a much cheaper price without impurities and are mined most exclusively in South Africa, Russia, Congo, Botswana, and Australia. In Africa, which produces more than half of all the diamonds found globally per year, mining them is a chief industry.First, diamonds are ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, diamonds are used in manufacturing in addition to their medical uses. Meyco, the aforementioned company, created many diamond utensils, including hardness test tools for industries. Machinery is used to create flawless mounts for diamonds to be set into tools, ensuring vibration-free operation of the instrument. The diamonds may be brazed into their holder by high vacuum pressure or may be pressed and adhered to it. The tool is then surface-ground using a surface grinder. Diamonds for tools at Meyco are selected for their structure and shape, and those of yellow jewelry quality are used in diamond knives. They are then cut accurately using two YAG lasers.Also, synthetic diamonds may be produced for these purposes. Because many rough diamonds have unsuitable structures, it is often cheaper to create synthetic, monocrystalline diamonds without impurities. These can be created by using anvils to add pressure to graphite disks and a number of substances to conduct heat and bring the sample to the desired temperature. Smithson Tennant proved that the diamond was an allotropic form of carbon, or that it existed in two physical forms at the same time, in 1797. Then, on December 16, 1954, the Swedish Dr. H. Tracy Hall formed the first manmade diamond, though it exceeded the cost of natural mining. Later, in the 1980s, Russians from the Siberian city of Novosibirsk created a low-cost, high-temperature machine for this that formed gem-quality diamonds. Years later, in 1998, a team of Russians and University of Florida scientists attempted to create artificial diamonds using imported Russian equipment, with the result being diamonds as large as 1.6 carats in their first year, though they are theoretically capable of fabricating 5-carat stones. It takes about 50 hours to grow a one-carat diamond. Jewelers could not distinguish between the artificial and natural diamonds, as they are both one hundred percent carbon and the hardest of substances. The only difference is the atomic levels; ordinary diamonds have paired nitrogen impurity atoms, while the...

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